2 Broke Girls' Beth Behrs On Her Friendship With Kat Dennings: 'We're...

2 Broke Girls' Beth Behrs On Her Friendship With Kat Dennings: 'We're Amazingly Close'

Beth Behrs chats with Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about her friendship with her “2 Broke Girls” co-star, Kat Dennings. What do they like doing together when they’re not working? Plus, why did Beth’s boyfriend catch flack while walking her dog?

I see her more than thank god. I would want to be as much as I see her. That was one of the things when we met, I was like okay. There is no one else who I want to see every day. They are together. Angelina jolie lick. Crazy. I am loving the bang with the eye. Love fest. I love my bang. I love them. Yes. 2011 now was. Yes. Bang are so here. Incredible. You guys love each other. She's literally my closest friend. I love her. She's I couldn't do the show without her. Wouldn't it be funny not so much. No. We are amazingly close. You can tell and see that. I hope so because we have so much if you please so I hope you can see it. Playing around with your best friend on set. What do you did off camera. Flea market shopping what do you do. Our boyfriend get along well too so we do wine dinner, that's kind of our good to. Couple martini. My gosh. Yes. He might be half in the bag. He's a height weight. Are you doing dinner paevrment you are in your late 20's. Remember chi20's. Remember chips and salsa. I'm obsessed with blake lively she cooks everything and honoring martha and she has a video about baking that I watch and I'm obsessed. It's about 4 hours in length if watching but we did it and it was amazing. Wasn't as pretty. You make puff pace trichlt I wondered what blake lively was doing. She married and. She's so good. She renovated her home. I'm obsessed. Martha stewart today I'm obsessed with. That I wish I could I'm working my way up. You love mary that. I love martha. She was on the show. Now I learned how to bake since then. Martha have the greatest hear in the world. Perfect. Her hair is. Everything about her. I know. I love to draw it out. Obsessed with martha. I love her. Next to her in connecticut so before I visit mom that's part of the tour. Go to her home. I would have taken through if we were friend. I thought maybe bring the dog little betty. She didn't want to get out of bed this morning. Waking her. At 5:30 and go to the bathroom. Looking at me no not going to go. Pathetic. She's a yorkie. How is the brevity on the yorkie. Pretty bad. I'm allergic to every other kind of dog so a yorkie they have a sander that is not, the hair lick human hair. It's so cute I love her. Never met a yorkie with good breath. No. Even brush the teeth it doesn't help. Eat right through it. But first more with beth and. The dog. I have a little cute dog in the world. Ship pooh. Poodle be careful saying that. I have learned my lab are doodle I have learned my dog knowledge. You have to say ship pichlt and it's darling. You walk your dog my boyfriend walked betty man pulled over and is a said dude that's not your dog. What if it was it was mine. That's horrible. He has a little cape. The other day I was taking my cat out for a walk. Your cat. You walk your cat? Throw them out the wind 0. I'm not sure. He's screws kidding. More stories. We