Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore – 'Cinematic Soulmates' –...

Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore – 'Cinematic Soulmates' – Reunite!

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore sit down with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live from CinemaCon in Las Vegas to talk about their new comedy, “Blended.” What was it like shooting in Africa? Plus, Drew is nearing the end of her pregnancy; how is she feeling? And it’s been ten years since their last collaboration; how much do they love working together? “Blended” opens May 23.

this later on. Sandler and drew before they arrive let's look at the movie together. Going to Africa called blended. ♪♪ ♪♪ Welcome. This is great. You rented most romantic week of your entire life. ♪♪ ♪♪ blended family. Oh, Joining us right now Adam drew from blended hi guys how are you. How are you. I love this. Not really how we are doing how are you doing. Doing great. I feel good. But we are at the end here right. When is the right. When is the doctor here. It could happen any minute. Technically but I'm great. I feel awesome. Adam did you take her to the class and help with the breathing. Absolutely. I have been here, I was here committee go get him. It worked. We did. Cheering him on the whole thing. Go. Are you nervous. I got nervous at the end of my pregnancy. A little anxious you seem calm. I feel really kaichlt you do. I was nervous on the first one but this one I feel much calmer. Got to be. Once you know whether is happening it's easier. Not to scare you but you know this is quicker with the it comes like. Great. I really shouldn't have anything to worry by. Don't even have to go to the doctor. Barack Obama. Thank god for all of us right? I feel very safe. Unbelievable. How is it Unbelievable. How is it, you guys have a wonderful, great history together. Yes. How important is this woman to you? Oh, Well I talk to her 4 or 5 times a day. Where's drew. At the doctor taking care of her baby. Where is drew. We love each era long time. We are him ifhim fly. Her husband is a great man. She's tight with my whole family. We have a pretty good life. Once a decade for the movies. We get a little love. It sort of worked out that way thus far but we are talking maybe next time 5 years. We are getting older. How much longer we can wait he have 10 years. Drew waits until I gain 20 pound and then now. You are not gaining 20 poychbilityd I'm gaining 40 pounds. True. I'm a big fashion buff. I love what Adam is wearing. He looks good. He looks really hand soil. Man you don't get me. Are those Armani. No no but the wife bought me this this afternoon said at legislature put something on with listening sleeves so I did. Jackie bought this for him and I think he looks fantastic. I do. We are doing an award show tonight. Are you putting on a suit. I have a suit in the room. I'm not sure. She forces me in this stuff. I force him into a lot of suits because he lack so handsome. He does. I really do. He does. She there was a big scene romantic scene and I came out wearing something differently she said wow! You are wearing. That well I thought I was and she likes suits on me. Africa what's the craziest thing happen when the camera not roll that we didn't see. Always like like we would try to get to work but we would be late because there would be a herd of elephant walking the road and nipping at the cars and sound like the dog ate my homework excuse but ihomework excuse but it was real. No we are lucky we didn't get trampled by the el fapts we are here. Took 20 minutes but we weren't about to like upset them. The elephants we did this one scene that went okay we were driving by some elephants and then I remember one of the take the elephant were getting like that's enough and the director said let's go again. No. No. That's it. That's a wrap. That's a take. We got it. How long were you there? In Africa. Two months. Wow! Family come. Oh, yes yes. Everybody came. How was that with the kid and evrping. My 6 month old Dau My 6 month old daughter came. Adam kids all his writing and producing partner. Yes. Yes. They had a they think called camp blended. And it was just, it was amazing. Adam is like a family life person that never take away from his dedication and focus and filmmaker and writer and producer and he balances it brilliantly. And the movie we make together are very labored over. We show up knowing we have got our best foot forward but then there is so much fun to be had and you can always sense that when you see a film, right. You know this people are having a good time. It's like an energy that goes right on to the digital and from the screen and it's we are having fun. This is good. Just shows you here and the car runs out of gas. Yes yes yes. So silly but I lov So silly but I loved so hard. For hike 5 days. I was chasing. Hanging out. Yes. It's really good. Thank you. Thank you. But you can see the chemistry in wedding sing. That was 1997. Wedding singer I had to do everything in my power to say just the movie drew. Stop staring at my eyes. She was she. Through the heart. I did. I can not stop. It's a romantic movie. As good as the friendship is back in the day. Way back. Was forever an idea should we date should we try this? Not even a thought in her main. I know there was in yours. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Remember it was never lake never was like that. There was just this love and respect that was transferred that an in love for work. Yes. Oh, no. So much. We had the most fun. Can't break one a friend like that. I like it. You guys don't move. Adam and drew we keep this fore some going when we come back, one night only in Vegas. More and crazy in two minutes with the party started and coming up. Kevin Costner and Leslie and Chadwick Bozeman all join us. All coming up next on "Access Hollywood live"returns from Las Vegas We went on 51st dates.