American Music Awards 2013: Taylor Swift Wins Big, Rihanna's Mommy...

American Music Awards 2013: Taylor Swift Wins Big, Rihanna's Mommy Moment & Miley Cyrus Purrs

Miley Cyrus closed out the American Music Awards 2013 singing “Wrecking Ball” with a giant cat singing along behind her and Access’ Shaun Robinson was there for all the amazing action. Plus, which other stars took home honors?

of the year for a third time is kind of out of control. The. Reporter: IT WAS DEFINITELY Taylor night. Took home 4 awards and I was with her moments after she won the coveted artist of the year award. I'm really out of breath i was going hard with the wrecking ball thing. Reporter: YOU SAID WERE YOU Out of breath after miley performance. Hard on the wrecking ball situation. We there was a whole theater thing happening in the front row. I was really in it. I was really tonight i did not think I was going to win the next award and be like. The ♪♪ ♪♪ like a wrecking ball. Reporter: MILEY TRADED IN Teddy bear for kitten performing in a two piece body suit with giant cat mouthing the word of wrecking ball behind her. Watch as miley tamely perform without a twerk in sight.20-year-old burst on to the scene belting tattoo heart and best new artist of the year. I have this thing so I don't forget anybody. Um. Okay. Thank you to amy and nominating me and I have 10 seconds.9 seconds that's intimidating. Reporter: WHEN YOU WERE Sitting there waiting for them to cull your name did you have like butterfly. I just wanted to crumble up and like fall down a drain. I didn't know what to do. One direction. Color coordinated one direction proved the fan beating justin and taylor to win favorite album. Kendall jenner stunning in a white mini arrived with sister kyley and red carpet moment before one direction did. Rumor started after the paparrazi caught harry and kendall leaving dinner together. But that was a mild run in compared to the chaos with the paparrazchaos with the paparrazi at lax. What was that like 4. It looked scary. It was a different in our country they are nocountry they are not that close. Push you but we push them back. Bleep. What is going on. Lucky to get away witness. Yes. It was just all a bit crazy. All hectic luckily we got out of there without a scratch. So it's all good. Live to tell a tale. Can we talk about how cute rihanna mom is. How cute rihanna mom is. Shrihanna mom is. She's so proud. Of the icon. Reporter: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Doing the best barbados accent. Charming the audience and rihanna mom who presented her daughter with the first ever icon award. Justin won 2 awards and performed this for the first time. Back at the ama in how long. 4 years. That's what we said. ♪♪ ♪♪ Tlc proved they still got it. Not missing a beat during water fall. Mama filled in for the late lisa lopez who passed away 11 years ago. Making it emotional night for them. We work exclusive at the rehearsal. The only part emotional was the ending when lisa face comes through the water. We knew the pictures they were going to use but to actually see it I broke down.