Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Talk ‘Dancing’ & Dating

Brandy counts “Dancing with the Stars” as a life-changing experience for her; and she credits most of her new outlook on life to her dancing partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. So, how exactly has Maks helped the R&B singer get her mojo back?

“He’s brought out something that I thought was dead in me,” Brandy told Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts, who visited the pair in rehearsal recently. “[He brought out] confidence and passion and all of that. I thought that was gone and he helped bring it out of me.”

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While Maks comes across as the bad boy of “Dancing,” thanks to his tough coaching style and controversial techniques (like swatting his partners on the bottom during rehearsals), Brandy told Tony that he’s actually quite a wonderful man.

“He does have a good heart. He tries to put the gates up and guard himself but he has a great heart,” she said.

Although he isn’t currently engaged, Brandy said that he’s been so important to her that when Maks does finally decide to get married, she will most definitely be there.

“I am going to sing at his wedding. I don’t know who he is going to marry but I told him I’m going to be a bridesmaid,” she said.

“She basically invited herself to my wedding,” Maks added.

Maks says that he too will take a turn at Brandy’s wedding should she ever decide to walk down the aisle.

“We’ll ballroom dance at the reception,” Brandy said.

However, Brandy said she isn’t very close to that potential big day.

“My dating world sucks right now,” she said.

Maks said he tried to set her up, but so far, things haven’t gone picture perfect.

“There’s this really good looking dude that I totally approve of, completely,” Maks told Tony. “And I found out she’s one of those old school women that likes to be, you know, courted and ran after…

“They already went [out], you know, did their thing… saw each other, spent some time… went their separate ways,” Maks continued.

Brandy said the courtship hit a bit of a roadblock.

“I’m waiting for him now,” she said.

Maks too said he struggles in the dating world.

“They all go up to him and say, ‘Maks, take me out on a date,’” Brandy said.

“It’s because I’m shy,” he said. “I just don’t even know what to say to them.”

Maks admitted he doesn’t even have any decent pick-up lines, usually waiting for a girl to come up to him instead and show some interest.

“I’m [not] going to walk up to them and say, ‘Hi, are you hurting ‘cause you fell from heaven?’ I don’t even know if that’s the right [line],” he laughed.

“I think Maks is a little bit too busy for dating too,” Brandy added.

Maks agreed, noting that family and work keep his date card filled.

“Well, my story’s simple. It’s not that I jump through hoops or whatever. A) I don’t have time at all, seriously don’t have time… and, B) — I’m preoccupied with my family first and Brandy and this show and everything,” he said. “I’m very responsible with what I do, but if somebody comes around, they come around, you know? It’s not something that I’m running away from at all. I’m just very new school. I’m a gentleman and I like traditions but I just don’t, you know, this whole rule thing is just beyond me.”

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