Chris Colfer Talks Twitter Hack, Hillary Clinton & Kurt’s ‘Glee’ Future

“Glee” fans around the world recently got a big scare after Chris Colfer Tweeted a message saying he’d been let go from the hit Fox show.

Thankfully, the info was false — the actor (who plays Kurt Hummel on the series) had fallen victim to a hacker on Twitter, something he learned while on a flight.

“I was on a plane, so as soon as I had landed it had been pretty much taken care of by my people,” Chris told Access Hollywood at a book signing for his book, “The Land of Stories,” in New York City. “I got a bunch of texts from people like, ‘Is this true? Is this true? What’s going on?’ And I had no idea what they were talking about and I found out what happened.

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“It was so annoying. So annoying!” he added.

The 24-year-old recently made headlines for showing up at someone else’s book signing – Hillary Clinton.

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“It’s not every day you get a chance to meet the most powerful woman in the world, and so I always wanted to meet her,” he said, adding that his plans to “sneak in” to greet the former U.S. Secretary of State failed when he was photographed by paparazzi. “Me trying to sneak in someplace means it’ll be a story on the homepage of every website ever. So I felt bad because I just wanted to sneak in, but that serves me right.”

With “Glee’s” sixth and final season just around the corner, what did Chris have to say about rumors his character will be traveling to Russia?

“I’ve only heard rumors – I think speculated by fans and media,” he said. “Why not? I mean, hey, he’s been everywhere else.

“I guess I’d much rather have him go to the Bahamas,” he added. “Can he go fight [for] gay rights in the Bahamas or Bora Bora? I think Bora Bora needs a strong, strong gay kid to go out there. I think that’s what he needs.”

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Much has changed on the LGBT rights front since “Glee” first hit the screen in 2009 and Chris is grateful to be living in this progressive time.

“When the show first started it was still a bit of a taboo for any actor to be affiliated with that image and now it’s almost, it’s just abundant amounts of praise,” he said. “So it was a crazy transition and I’m so lucky that I was kind of right on the cusp of that change. But I remember being terrified with what the world would think of me… I first thought, ‘Well, here come the death threats, here come religious groups after you’ and I knew that when I started the show, being gay was not okay in my hometown and I’m happy to say that it has changed.”

“The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning” is available now.

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