‘Frozen’ Fashionistas (Glam Slam)

My 5-year-old daughter and all her friends are obsessed with the film “Frozen.” They want to dress up in tiaras and jewelry and dresses from the movie — they are “Frozen” fashionistas.

Grown women covet Chanel or Hermes or Dior… little girls are all about dressing like the film’s royal sisters, Elsa and Anna.

So when I saw Kristen Bell sitting in our reception area the other day waiting for a meeting, I let my nerd flag fly and told her how much my daughter loves her in “Frozen.” Kristen is the voice of Anna in the film that I’ve seen dozens of times — my daughter watches it whenever she gets the chance and knows every word in the film. Every. Single. Word.

I joked with Kristen that I know she’s heard the praise a million times before, but she couldn’t have been nicer about it, asking about my daughter and how old she is, etc. Love her for being so sweet. Obviously, my little girl is not alone. The Oscar-winning movie has now passed one billion-with-a-b in box office ticket sales. “Frozen” is red hot.

My daughter had a “Frozen”-themed birthday party… there are “Frozen” sing-alongs, etc. and the girls want to dress in “Frozen” costumes for those events. The only problem? The costumes are nearly impossible to find. My husband and I were calling stores all over the country trying to get the Elsa costume in size 4/5 for our daughter’s birthday, which seems to be the most in-demand size and most difficult to get. We even enlisted friends and family to help us with our search.

I would hit the Disney store as soon as it opened to try to snag a costume. I was practically in tears at the mall one day as I watched another mom taking photos of her little girl in her new Elsa costume — the elusive size 4/5 I needed was not in the shipment as had been predicted. Arg.

My family back east eventually found an Anna costume and it was one of my tenacious friends who finally scored the Elsa costume. It was so worth all the team effort. My daughter had the best birthday ever — the look of pure joy on her face as she opened these gifts was priceless.

-- Ryan Patterson

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