Game Of Thrones Season 3: Access’ Guide To Episode 307’s New Character & Big Moments

Things are certainly heating up on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” and not just between Jon Snow and Ygritte.

In the latest episode — 307, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” — Robb Stark got some baby news, Gendry had a royal revelation, Brienne faced off with a bear and Jaime Lannister proved himself a hero once again.

And at, we’re once again looking at the episode’s highlights (for the non-book readers), and taking stock of Sunday’s new character introduction — Razdal — a man who came into Daenerys Targaryen’s life and wasn’t scared into backing down (or incinerated) by some angry dragons.

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Razdal (George Georgiou)

How He Was Introduced: Razdal, from Yunkai, arrived to meet Daenerys Targaryen on the backs of slaves, who carried him past her Unsullied (army) to her tent, where he presented her with gold and asked that she continue on her way. He also gave her ships, which he asked her to sail “back to Westeros, where you belong.” Dany thanked him for the gifts and gave him one too — his life. She also had a message for his masters — free the slaves in Yunkai and give them food, clothes and more (as payment for their service over the years). Despite three fierce dragons around their mother, Razdal told her no, and said they’d delight in taking her down and even making her a slave. “If blood is your desire, blood shall flow,” he said.

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Characters He’s Tied To: Everyone in Yunkai, and now, through the meeting gone sour, Daenerys.

Where You’ve Seen George Before: He appeared in David Cross’ “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,” and the PBS import series, “MI: 5.”


Here’s what happened to our established characters:

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Jaime Lannister & Brienne of Tarth: Lord Roose Bolton (who serves Robb Stark) instructs his men to take Jaime to his father, leaving Brienne in the hands of Locke (the man who cut off one of Jaime’s). The pair has a tension-filled parting during which Jaime tells Brienne that he owes her a debt. Brienne reminds him that their adventure first began (in Season 2) when she pledged to Catelyn Stark to take Jaime to King’s Landing in the hopes of trading him for Catelyn’s daughters, Sansa and Arya Stark. Brienne says the debt would be repaid if he were to fulfill that mission. “I will return the Stark girls to their mother. I swear it,” Jaime tells her as he leaves, knowing he’s leaving Brienne behind in a place he really shouldn’t.

But, before work could begin on that pledge, on the journey to King’s Landing, Jaime learns that Locke’s men plan to use Brienne as “entertainment.” Spurred into action, Jaime blackmails one of Lord Bolton’s men into bringing him back to Harrenhal. Once there, Jaime sees Brienne, in a pit, trying to fend off a bear with a wooden sword — and there are scratch marks across her neck. After surveying the situation, he leaps into the pit (without any actual weapons). Luckily for Jaime, the man in charge of bringing him back to the Lannisters wants that reward from Tywin, so he starts shooting the bear with arrows. Jaime and Brienne are then pulled to safety. Although Locke protests, Jaime insists on bringing Brienne with him as he prepares to leave again. “Well, we must be on our way. Sorry about the sapphires,” Jaime quips as he and Brienne depart Locke and company. (See Brienne vs. The Bear & Three More Brand New Photos from Episode 307)

Robb Stark & Talisa: While Talisa is penning a letter to her mother, her husband, King Robb Stark, tells her to say hi from him. “I know she’d love to meet you, and her grandchild,” Talisa says, dropping the bombshell that she’s pregnant!

Gendry: He was visited by two Hands of the King — Jon Arryn and Ned Stark — who both questioned him about his parentage and later died, and in Episode 307, Gendry finally finds out why such noble men had an interest in a bastard. Melisandre, the red priestess, who serves Stannis Baratheon (Robert’s middle brother) shares the big news. Gendry’s father is the late King Robert. “Why do you think the gold cloaks wanted you,” she says, referencing (that Season 2 scene) when Lannister men chased down Yoren as he was (unsuccessfully) leading a group of youngsters, criminals and Arya to The Wall after Ned’s death. “There’s power in a king’s blood,” she adds.

Joe Dempsie, who plays Gendry, discussed his characters mysterious parentage with Access last season, and in this interview, said if Gendry did find out who his dad was, he probably wouldn’t be surprised.

Arya Stark: Still furious that the eye-patch wearing Beric Dondarrion traded Gendry for gold, Arya has an angry conversation with her captor. But, once she finds out he’s going to delay taking her to her brother, Robb Stark, so he and his men can take down some Lannister forces, she escapes. Arya’s freedom, though, is short lived. As she runs through the forest, Arya is grabbed by the tallest outlaw of them all — King Joffrey’s former Knight — Sandor Clegane, aka The Hound.

Jon Snow: While Jon continues to enjoy the early stages of young love with Ygritte (on the other side of The Wall), his loyalty does come up when he addresses their plan to attack the men guarding The Wall and head South. “You won’t win,” he tells her, the “you” referring to the Wildlings. Jon tells Ygritte that kings beyond The Wall have attacked the Seven Kingdoms six times and failed every time. “If you attack The Wall, you’ll die — all of you,” he says. “All of us,” she replies, correcting him. “If we die, we die, but first we’ll live.” Jon seems sold, responding, “Yes, first we’ll live.”

Speaking to earlier this week, Kit Harington, who plays Jon, said he loves Jon and Ygritte’s relationship. “It’s one of the rare, real relationships,” he told Access. “There’s real love between them and he finds it very difficult to sort of know where his heart lies in the end, I think.”

“Game of Thrones” airs Sunday nights at 9 PM on HBO.

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