Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Sculpt A Body Like Blake!

Blake Lively has one of the most rockin’ bodies in Hollywood. The statuesque actress has mile long legs and a toned physique that makes men swoon and women sweat in envy.

Besides the gift of good genes, Healthy Hollywood has discovered Blake Lively’s secret fitness weapon, trainer Owen McKibbin. The LA-based trainer, who also works with Zac Efron and Jessica Simpson, created the Zone Progression Training program, which combines traditional exercise moves with super-sets done in a high-intensity circuit training fashion.

Unfortunately most of us will never workout with Owen or be able to afford our own personal trainer – much less a membership to a gym. Yet, Owen says most folks can get an effective workout at home. “You can get a great workout at home with just a few basic pieces of equipment and what amounts to very little time. As a rule, stick with the basics and when you want to stop, is actually when you change the angle of whatever exercise you’re doing or simple transfer that “burn” to another “zone of your body. By doing this you are maximizing whatever area you are targeting to near exhaustion and instead of resting, you transfer that burn to an opposing muscle group, while keeping your heart rate elevated,” Owen shares with Healthy Hollywood about his Zone Progression system.

Owen is a big fan of the Rack Workout, which is an all-in-one gym. It transforms into three positions – flat, standing, and bench. “The Rack is the single most effective piece of equipment that offers the most versatility. It is space efficient and offers the best all-around workout. You perform pushups, dips, pull-ups, curls, squats, lunges and a plethora of very challenging abdominal and core exercises,” adds Owen.

The Rack will cost you around $100, which is certainly less than some monthly gym memberships. “The Rack can be adjusted to 3 different levels to also effectively target your lower body and arms at the same with one legged squats with an assisted dip. The Rack also offers an array of abdominal movements to fire up your core,” states Owen.

Healthy Hollywood has never tried the Rack Workout, but I am curious. Plus, Healthy Hollywood loves the idea of working out in my home – the motivation to simply get to the gym can sometimes be the biggest exercise hurdle!

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