Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday – Get Youthful Skin Like Mila Kunis, Naturally!

Who doesn’t want a radiant complexion like Mila Kunis? Thanks to good genes and age (she’s 27) the “Black Swan” actress has the gorgeous, wrinkle-free glow women of all ages covet.

Here’s a thought! What if women (and men) could have youthful skin but NOT have to undergo surgery – botox or invest in pricey ‘miracles’ in a bottle. Interested? Me too. Recently I learned about Facial Magic facial exercise, which is a series of 18 moves that help lift, tone, and firm. “Just as exercise tightens the muscles in your buttocks and thighs, exercise will do the same for the facial muscles,” declares Cynthia Rowland, Facial Fitness Expert and founder of Facial Magic. “When the muscles soften/atrophy from lack of use, this action affects the skin – eyebrows drop, eyelids become lined, cheeks sag, mouth corners turn downward… and the look of old develops. When you apply resistance and contraction to the muscles, this strengthens the underlying muscles so they firm and lift – the youthful contours of the face return and skin looks younger, healthier and fresher,” adds Rowland.

The best news: Fans of Facial Magic claim they look up to 15 years younger in just 9 – 12 weeks. Plus, results will reportedly last indefinitely if exercises are continued 2 – 3 times a week. Cynthia shares with Healthy Hollywood 3 moves for a younger you NOW!

Three Anti-Aging Exercises:

Lift Your Brow –
Place the three middle fingers of each hand underneath your eyebrows. Drop the palms of your hands to your face. Push your eyebrows straight up and then slightly outwards toward the temple (this stops the ‘elevens’ from forming). Use your forehead muscle and push downward into your fingertips while holding your brows high. Count to five. Release and take a cleansing breath. Get right back into position and hold the next three contractions for a count of ten seconds each. Close your eyes at the 7th second.

Crow’s Feet –
Make a fist with both hands and extend your thumbs. Turn your hands upside down with your palms upward in a fist. Press the pad of your thumbs against the bone area next to the outside corner of the eye. Put gentle pressure against the bone area but don’t pull or tug your skin. Turn your eyes upward and make a squinting motion until your eyes begin to flutter. Hold for a count of five. Remove your hands, take a deep cleansing breath, get right back into position and repeat three times for a count of ten seconds.

Stop a double chin –
Lift your chin to create a taut line between your chin and the base of your neck. Keep your shoulders erect. Press the surface of your tongue flat/firmly against the roof of your mouth. Your teeth and lips will be slightly apart. Hold this contraction for a count of five. Relax your neck and bring your heads to its level position. Take a deep cleansing breath and get back into position. Repeat the movement three times for a count of ten seconds each.

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