Ireland Baldwin Fires Back Over Weight Comments

Ireland Baldwin is speaking out and striking back following criticism about her weight.

“Of course I get those comments about how I am too fat to model, how I am not model material, how I am an unattractive girl, how I am too tall, etc. I understand. I don’t look as glamorous as Rosie Huntington Whitely when leaving the gym. I’m actually really sweaty. Like really sweaty. I understand that I am not a size .008. What I don’t fully understand, is what is the good in commenting on a photo of a 17 year old girl and calling her fat, ugly, etc? Is that helping you in some way?” the 17-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger wrote in a lengthy Tumblr post on Monday night.

Ireland, who recently signed with model agency IMG, was called out by some for her size, but she’s not letting her haters keep her down – she’s even finding the positive in her detractors.

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“Putting [those comments] out there is hateful and unhealthy. If you don’t have a complimentary thing to say about someone, keep it to yourself. I am not just talking about comments on photos of myself. I see hateful comments everywhere. It’s bad energy being put out there! Personally, I try to see the beauty in everyone. It’s there. Every girl out there has a beautiful feature. I even see the beauty in the people who send me hateful replies!” she continued.

She also asked the public to stop comparing her looks to her mother’s.

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“I AM NOT MY PARENTS. My mom is one of the most beautiful woman in the world. She is 5’9, I am 6’2. She is petite and fragile, and I am fit and…. more to love… I have a booty, she has a thigh gap. As she emerged from her teen years, she developed an angular face and striking cheekbones,” Ireland wrote. “I am still a teen making my way out of my awkward phase. I am still trying to figure this whole thing out.”

She also spoke out about dad Alec, who infamously left her a voicemail (that was then released) where he was heard calling her a “thoughtless little pig.”

“My Dad has made some mistakes in the past. He has spoken out of place, he has let his temper get the best of him, and he has reacted towards things in ways he shouldn’t have. I get hateful replies and threats regarding mistakes of my Dad’s past. This isn’t fair. I had nothing to do with anything that happened back then, so I don’t fully understand why I am being targeted,” she continued. “More importantly, my Dad has moved on. He recognized that he needed to change, so he made changes. He is now healthy, happily married with a baby on the way. He moved on, so why can’t you?”

The model is hoping to step out from the shadow of her celebrity parents.

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“I am not seeking fame by association. I do not want to be simply known as a model. I am proud to be my parent’s daughter, but I don’t want to forever be known as ‘that rude thoughtless little pig’ or ‘Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s kid,’” she added. “I have passions and interests of my own that I want to soon give life to. I want to be known for helping others and being a healthy role model. That is what matters most to me overall.”

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