Kelly Clarkson Sounds Off On Criticism Of Lady Gaga’s Weight

Kelly Clarkson has a pretty thick skin when it comes to criticism over her appearance, and she credits her small town upbringing for giving her a harder shell than others in the spotlight.

“I’m from a small town, so even before all of this there [have] always been people going, ‘You should wear this!’ ‘You’re too thin!’ ‘You’re too big.’ ‘You should say this!’ ‘You should sing this song!’ ‘You should do this!’” Kelly told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson, as she sat down to discuss her new album, “Greatest Hits – Chapter One.”

“There’s always people [putting] their two cents in, so I’m used to that,” she continued. “I guess what I just can’t get past is — I don’t know if I’m just a self-involved person or whatever, but I don’t care that much about others to be like, ‘I think you need to do that!’”

Fellow pop star Lady Gaga was recently criticized for having a fuller figure and those types of criticisms leave Kelly scratching her head.

“I work out sometimes and [other times I] don’t… The funny part, to me, with like the Lady Gagas and the Jessica Simpsons — everybody’s on them. It’s like ‘Y’all, sometimes people just wanna have pizza and drink [something] and celebrate,’ and then sometimes people get really into like, athleticism and working out and sports… and I guess I find it funny because I’ve never actually never cared about another individual enough to be like, ‘I feel like you’re tubbier than usual.’ Everyone has mirrors. We know, we’re aware. When we have to go buy bigger jeans we’re aware, or when we buy smaller jeans we’re aware.”

Kelly said Lady Gaga is teeny-tiny in real life and she respects her fellow pop star’s strength.

“People act like she gains 10 pounds or something [and] it’s like she’s dying and she’s obese and that’s ridiculous,” Kelly said. “Lady Gaga’s one of the smallest people I’ve ever met in my life. She’s actually Tinker Bell-like… She’s a pretty strong individual. She’ll probably fight back with some funny little quip.

“But I think what’s cool for girls to see is other girls going, ‘Hey! You know what? This is what I’m wearing right now and I’m cool with this… I’m not unhealthy, I’m not obese,’” Kelly added. “I think for all girls like the Jessicas of the world or the Lady Gagas or me or Adele or… Jennifer Hudson… whatever people wanna do with their lives, that’s their [life] and I just don’t understand why people care so much.”

-- Jolie Lash

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