Last Resort Q&A: Jessy Schram Talks Finally Teaming Up With Scott Speedman, Scheming With Autumn Reeser

After a week off due to the CMAs, freshman fall drama “Last Resort” returns tonight at 8/7c on ABC and things are about to get twisted.

The crew of the USS Colorado is about to face another unexpected obstacle that involves sickness, fevers, hallucinations and a potential fire on the submerged sub.

Those hallucinations appear to be finally bringing together Scott Speedman’s Sam Kendal, (who is stuck on that Nato Island with the submarine crew) with his wife — Jessy Schram’s Christine Kendal – who is back home.

In a new interview with, Jessy, who joined the cast of “Last Resort” after playing Cinderella on Season 1 of “Once Upon A Time,” hinted at what’s to come for the TV couple. She also addressed Christine’s Washington D.C. storyline, which is about to see her character team up with Autumn Reeser’s Kylie Sinclair, as they attempt to expose the U.S. government for trying to sink the Colorado, and brand its crew traitors. This episode is called, ‘Another Fine Navy Day,’ and in the description, it’s noted that, ‘the crew is hit by an unknown force, unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.’ I’m guessing that’s not aliens.

Jessy Schram: It’s not aliens … They are impacted by things that they never thought possible… This episode is definitely a mind trip and it brings to surface a lot of the things that Sam Kendall, in particular, hides deep within that are secrets, And it’s about your instincts and your truths coming out in ways that you wouldn’t really [expect]. Everyone’s kind of off their rocker in this episode.

Access: In the most recent episode, Christine told Kylie she knew that Paul (Jay Hernandez) was being used by the government to turn her against her husband, Sam. Will the two women be working together now in a Cagney and Lacey style way?

Jessy: [Kylie] does step in at an interesting point of when [Christine] is being bombarded through [the] press and she really has no one to depend on. She has this one person, [Paul], who’s an old friend of Sam’s who says he’s there to help, and the audience knows he’s not to be trusted… Kylie Sinclair, she comes in and is like, ‘Hey I believe you!’ And [Christine’s] like, ‘Great. Let’s do this.’ They do jump on the team together and they are two completely different women that are actually very similar in the sense that they don’t back down. It’s a very interesting dynamic and you do have a little bit like, ‘Murder She Wrote,’ kind of things in there, of like us getting together and listening to phone calls.

Access: Your storyline started out kind of on a sad note. She was the wife of someone being accused of treason, bullied by the government, a guy tried to manipulate her. But then, in the last episode, when we found out she knew about the manipulation, and she made the deal with Kylie to out this conspiracy, it seemed like she became strong and is now taking the bull by the horns.

Jessy: Yeah… Christine is just starting to smile in these next couple of episodes. She was never a victim, but she was definitely someone that was bombarded and things [were] taken away in this desperate situation and then she decides to own it.

Access: Jay told us he has flashbacks in upcoming episodes with Scott. Do you get any with Scott?

Jessy: We do have contact. And the whole goal for Christine is to get her husband back and so through the season, you’ll see the different attempts that are made… Hopefully I can tease that we want to get to each other and maybe we will.

Access: Outside of ‘Last Resort’ is there the possibility that ‘Once Upon A Time’ Executive Producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis can bring you back as Cinderella in Season 2?

Jessy: I do get emails [from them and] they are extremely support of ‘Last Resort’ and any project that I’m doing, but I know with ‘Once Upon A Time,’ their second season is really different from the first season. So I know if a storyline comes about that they need Cinderella and I’m available for it that they’ll use it. But, for the most part, I’m just sitting here on Sundays as a superfan.

Access: You’re a part of the cast of ‘Falling Skies’ on TNT too. Is there time for you to return for Season 3?

Jessy: ‘Falling Skies’ has been doing Season 3 and I can definitely say that Karen, my character, is still involved in a small kind of way, so I have been able to steal away some time up in Vancouver.

Access: And then back to Hawai’i. Obviously they people of Hawai’i have embraced ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ Are you guys also feeling a warm welcome?

Jessy: It’s been amazing. The locals that I’ve met and the people that I talk to really do take you under their wing and really do want to show you the beautiful things in Hawai’i and really want you to know that you do have a neighbor and [there is] this very ‘Aloha’ sense… I actually have been doing hula classes on Sunday because there’s this little group that meets. [It’s]… become like a small family for me.

Access: Are you any good at it?

Jessy: I think so. I don’t do the Polynesian style, so I’m not rounding [my hips] about like crazy. I tend to go with the more older ladies who are telling the history of Hawai’i through their little fingers and stuff like that… I can say I can hold my own with the hula ladies.

-- Jolie Lash

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