Zendaya’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: Trying To Reach My Personal Best!

Len, Len, Len…what do I have to do to get a 10?

LOL!!!! But seriously, my main goal each week is to have a personal best, and to execute what Val has taught me all week. I feel that I did that on Monday and so I am proud of our dance. Do I want a 10 from Len? Of course I do… but I really want a 10 from Val!! HAHAHA!!

This week was hard because after Tuesday’s show, we went straight over to the rehearsal space and worked on the group dance till very late… I was SO tired, but I had to get my hair done that night as well so I was up even later!! I had to wake up the next morning super early to get in my school hours. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I don’t get in as much school, so I have to make up for it on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So after staying up super late on Tuesday, and getting up super early on Wednesday, I came to dance practice on Wednesday afternoon already exhausted. Val uses Wednesday to teach me the dance and I was not picking it up as easily because of my lack of sleep…So, the week started off kind of rough!!

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Late Tuesday night I think Val tweeted to everyone to wish me luck ‘cause he was about to take it up a notch!! I am glad that everyone responded because I do need the moral support I get from Twitter and all my fans… Once again, they kept me going through the week with all the positive messages!!

After seeing our “package” (the little pre tape they play before our dance) I think some people thought that Val was too tough on me. In fact, a few tweets were sent out about it. I want to set that record straight!! First of all, I have high expectations for myself and so do my parents. I have been raised by two teachers who expect me to do my best at everything I attempt. I remember when I got a streak of bad grades on my weekly spelling tests in 2nd grade… my mom made me write each word over and over, like a million times!! And one time in middle school when I got an A- on a test, my mom and dad were like, “What’s with the A-? That’s not acceptable!” and I was like c’mon guys, it’s pretty darn good!! So I have grown up with high expectations, and on top of that, I am a Virgo… so I am by nature a perfectionist. But Val sets the bar even higher because he believes in me. I think that’s an amazing thing about him… he sees in me, what I might not even see in myself.

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When “DWTS” contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do the show, I had to come in for an interview. They asked me about what kind of person I would want to be paired with, and I told them I wanted someone to be tough on me! My dad is really tough on me… he wanted to prepare me to be able to handle anything I came across in this business. So really, Val is nothing compared to my dad!! LOL And I know that with Val, and my dad, it’s all done with love and my best interests at heart. So really, NO one needs to worry about Val yelling at me or the tough stance he takes. Don’t worry, one “Disneyesque” smile and they both melt!! LOL

-- Zendaya

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