Billy Baldwin On The Perfect Mate For Brother Alec: 'Ted Koppel In A Dress'

Billy Baldwin may have been married for two decades, having found the love of his life in Chynna Phillips, but he has a different type of girl in mind for his older brother, Alec Baldwin.

“My brother needs — he once referred to the woman that he needs, this was years ago — as Ted Koppel in a dress,” Billy told Access Hollywood Live’s Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Tuesday’s show.

The actor, currently guest starring with his former “Dirty Sexy Money” co-star Peter Krause on NBC’s “Parenthood,” said Alec needs a girl far removed from the Hollywood lifestyle.

“I think that someone from investment banking or from the world of social justice, political advocacy, someone from Georgetown or Duke [would be a good match],” the actor said. “Some smart girl who is raised on the other side of the universe… just somebody who’s not Hollywood.”

Billy added that it would benefit his “30 Rock”-starring older brother in many ways to find someone outside of the acting field.

“When I think about my brother and the qualities he’s looking for, first of all, it’s somebody who’s not in the business. I think that’s a much healthier choice,” Billy said. “It’s worked for me, I’ve been with Chynna for 20 years.”

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