Brandi Glanville On Eddie Cibrian's Rocky Marriage Rumors With Leann...

Brandi Glanville On Eddie Cibrian's Rocky Marriage Rumors With Leann Rimes: 'I'm Sure There's Trouble'

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville chats on Access Hollywood Live about Star magazine’s claims of her “secret texts” with her ex, Eddie Cibrian. Is there any truth to the implication that they’re rekindling their relationship? And, what are they really texting about? Plus, does she think there’s trouble with Eddie’s current marriage to Leann Rimes?

Really? Doing what like sports. Yes. I have to find -- kit in star magazine. Have you seen this brandy. I have. Lee ann and ed 50 million dollar divorce. And lack at the little bubble. Very clever. She's always in it. Like the rattle version of angelina, jen and brad at the bottom edie secret text to ex brandy. What kind of text are you getting over there. The only text that we go back and forth about are children so I don't know that there's any -- we are definitely not getting back together and who has 50 million dollars. But fichlt brandy the story about him come in your closet right after you brcloset right after you broke up. After we broke up. I'm saying he's there. Now any kind of text going on. About our children and soccer and halloween and nothing that hats to do with me or lee ann or myself. Soccer game wear the shoyvrments he does sometimes. Well, is there trouble or is this just a bunch of hogwash. I'm sure there's trouble. One can only hope. I really don't want there to be trouble. All right. Reality stars will say anything. I'm like I know nothing. I just love it. I get in trouble. The more you do the better you look. Yes. Housewives of beverly hichlts I watch every housewives although took me awhile to get into miami I'm not sure yet. It's pretty cool. I'm a big lisa -- yes I love her. She has it going on. Brandy you might be fight with her. I feel like this sony know, sorry, I don't know. That was a little too dramatic but totally honest. Michelle we hit you with more news. Stick around because the ladies brandy is getting along very nicely with carlton the maybe too nice. Kissing. A lot of that. You did so great. The breeder cup this weekend. I love the jacket. I