Bristol Credit's Her Palin 'Thick Skin' For 'Dancing' Longevity

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas chat with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson on November 22, 2010 Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas chat with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson on November 22, 2010

Many Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey fans are outraged that Bristol Palin has made it to the “Dancing with the Stars” finale – but the young mom from Alaska told Access Hollywood she’s brushing off her critics and remains proud of her ballroom accomplishments – thanks in part to her Palin “thick skin.”

“I’ve never seen people this emotional about a dancing show and I think they need to remember this is just a dancing show and we’re just out there having fun,” Bristol told Access’ Shaun Robinson following Monday’s show.

“This is a family show. This is something that’s supposed to be uplifting and just something positive and I don’t want those people out there to turn it into something else,” the 20-year-old, who scored a grand total of 52 out of 60 on Monday, continued. “People are going to say whatever they want to say and we’re used to it. My family is used to it and we all have thick skin and I’m just thankful to still be around in this competition.”

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Bristol explained to Shaun that if she were to win, she believes it would be fair.

“I feel that everyone has worked their butts off in this competition and were out at the studio for hours on end, we’re all working hard for this and we’re all enjoying ourselves and I think whoever wins we’re all going to support them,” she explained.

On Tuesday night, each pair will perform two more dances – each “Star” will get to choose their personal favorite routine from the season and give it another go, as well as an “Instant Dance,” in which they will have to master the Cha Cha Cha to music they’ve been given for the first time immediately after the show’s broadcast has begun.

The final two dances will close out the judges’ scores, with viewer votes based on Monday’s performances accounting for half of each team’s final total.

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