Camille Grammer's Alleged Abuse: Her Ex-Boyfriend Tells His Side Of The...

Camille Grammer's Alleged Abuse: Her Ex-Boyfriend Tells His Side Of The Story

Camille Grammer claims former boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos inflicted physical abuse on her. Now, in an exclusive interview, Dimitri tells his side of the story of what happened on the evening of October 15 and the morning of October 16 inside a Houston hotel room.

These photos of camille grammer are hard to see, be she claims it shows the physical abuse inflicted on her by ex-boyfriend dimitri charalambopoulos days after cancer surgery. The accusations are shocking. Now in an exclusive interview, dimitri tells his side of the story of what happened on the evening of october 15th and the morning of the 16th inside a houston hotel room. There was a verbal altercation. And it was heated. That is the detail that dimitri, seen here with his lawyer and a private investigator and camille will agree to. It was just days after she underwent cancer surgery. I had been caring for camille for days. I cuddled up next to her, we had been watching tv and then i fell asleep. I woke up, I'm not sure what time, I was awakened to camille. She was obviously very angry. Angered over a, quote, series of incoming text messages and phone calls, she says were from other woman according to the report submitted by camille seeking a temporary restraining order. Dimitri claims the texts were from a female friend who he says helped facilitate camille's surgery. She played phone tag with me, via text message, asking if we needed anything. When I texted back, she was like, sorry, I'm in a meeting and I'll call you later. Then later said, sorry, I'm on a date, I'll call you later. Then ultimately at night when she got home with her boyfriend back to his house, she hadn't had a chance to call so she was just following up and said, sorry, I'll call you tomorrow. Demetri denies camille's claims that he grabbed her hair and pulled out swaths. He also denied the claim that he slammed her head and face into furniture or held her hands while pinning her on the bed. She claims you grabbed both her hands with own hand, made a fist with the other and said, i want to smash your head, I'll give you a reason to call the cops. No, did not happen. Then she started to scream. You put the bottom of your hand over her nose, thrust it upward, covered her mouth. No. Nothing? Again, no. What is also being called into question by dimitri and his lawyer is the validity of photos camille presented as evidence. In particular, the images focused on the injuries to her wrist and her black eye. It's clearly spelled out in the restraining order request. Miss grammer, understand, went through a serious medical operation, and so it goes without saying that any type of injuries that she had to her arms or her wrist were in all likelihood from the i.V. Okay. And as far as any type of black eye, I mean, anyone who's ever had a black eye knows that's not a black eye. If anything it's a bad mascara job. This is still under investigation. Houston authorities won't even say if they have even spoken to dimitri, but in efforts to strengthen his argument, he's already taken two independent polygraph tests. Answering questions about the night in question including, did you physically hit or strike camille last october 15th? To which he answered, no. Did you leave the hotel room because you were concerned camille would get you in trouble? Yes. The result of the lie detector test -- no deception indicated. I just wanted to get the truth out because this was attacking my character. Now, despite the results, polygraph tests are not admissible in criminal proceedings in texas and a number of other states. His attorney, larry stein, the attorney, has been trying to serve dimitri with a court ordered restraining order and has been unable to track him down. Dimitri, he said, is obviously hiding. And about the injuries to the hands and the face, we spoke to a source and said there's no way that it was caused by the surgical i.V. As the attorney