Carrie Fisher Dishes On Weight Loss, Elton John & Revisiting The Famous Metal Bikini

Carrie Fisher Shares Her Weight Loss Goals Carrie Fisher Shares Her Weight Loss Goals

Carrie Fisher famously faced inter-galactic battles wearing bountiful buns as “Stars Wars’” beloved Princess Leia, and now the actress-turned-author is fighting a bun-battle of a different kind.

At 54-years-old, Carrie is taking the weight beast by the horns and opening up about the painful post that prompted her to engage in the battle of the bulge.

“I Googled myself recently, without a lubricant, and I came across a posting someone made about me which [said], ' Whatever happened to Carrie Fisher? She used to be so hot — now she looks like Elton John,’” Carrie said at a Jenny Craig press conference on Wednesday, when asked why she decided to become a spokesperson for the nutrition program.

“Yeah, that hurt all seven of my feelings,” she added, jokingly. “Actually, I think Elton does look a little better.”

Carrie confessed that she has always struggled with her weight and was forced to drop a few pounds before donning the iconic metal bikini of Princess Leia.

“When I first got the ‘Star Wars’ film, they gave me the part and they told me I had to lose 10 lbs.,” Carrie revealed. “I weighed 105 at the time. But a lot of it was because I carry about 30 lbs. in my face.

“At that point I actually had to go to a fat farm with Ladybird Johnson and Ann Landers — who are my peers — and I was there for like, two weeks to try to be thin Princess Leia,” she added.

Carrie hopes to lose “at least” 30 lbs. with the help of Jenny Craig, but stopped short of committing to a “Leia bikini” photo shoot.

“If I [put on the metal bikini] my daughter would never speak to me again,” Carrie told Access Hollywood in an interview after the press conference. “I want the option of being able to get into the metal bikini. I want to go into the closet and say, ‘Should I wear the dress, the metal bikini or the jeans?’

“I [also] want a breast reduction,” she added. “They have run out of alphabet for my bra size!”

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