Casey's Irish Pub Pickle Back Recipe (Access Hollywood Live)

Casey's Irish Pub Pickle Back Casey's Irish Pub Pickle Back

Skyler Reeves gets in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit at Access Hollywood Live, where he makes Billy Bush and Kit Hoover a Pickle Back, which Casey’s Irish Pub is serving up for the holiday.

Casey’s Irish Pub’s Signature Pickles

Ingredient List:

8 Cucumbers

0.5 Gallon of Water

0.5 Gallon of White Wine Vinegar

1.5 Cups Chopped, Fresh Dill

5/8 Cup Sugar

5/8 OZ Minced Garlic

2 TBLSP Kosher Salt

1 1/2 TBLSP Pickling Spice

1 1/2 TBLSP Red Chili Flakes

*Combine all ingredients in a large jar and let sit for 2 weeks.

Casey’s Pickle Back Shot

In separate glasses, pour 1 OZ. of Casey’s signature pickle juice (store bought dill pickles will do in a pinch) and 1 OZ. Irish whiskey.

*We recommend that you shoot the Irish whiskey and sip the pickle juice. The saltiness from the pickle juice really compliments the sweetness of the whiskey.