Chaz Bono Gets Legal Sign Off On Gender Change

Chaz Bono has become a man – in the eyes of the law.

The star, who began his transition from female to male in March 2009, earned a legal sign-off on his new gender on Thursday, Access Hollywood has learned.

“Today the Transgender Law Center represented Chaz Bono in a petition for change of name and gender,” Kristina Wertz, legal director of the Transgender Law Center, told Access in a statement. “The court granted the petition and Chaz now has a court name change and a court order recognizing him as male. Chaz couldn’t be happier. This is an important step in his transition and will allow him to change a variety of his identity documents to show who he truly is.”

Chaz – born as Chastity Bono to parents Sonny and Cher – petitioned for the legal change in March.

In April, Chaz told Access that his gender-reassignment had been for the better.

“I’m very happy, feel really good,” he told Access’ Tony Potts. “I’ve had really good, positive reactions from people.”

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