Cookie Johnson Discusses Her & Magic Johnson's Fight With HIV & Their...

Cookie Johnson Discusses Her & Magic Johnson's Fight With HIV & Their Quest To Educate About AIDS

Magic Johnson was the first celebrity to put a face on the AIDS epidemic when he went public with his HIV diagnosis in 1991. Now his wife, Cookie Johnson, chats on Access Hollywood Live about their hard work to educate others about the virus. What does she want to do to get through to young people? Plus, how did she find out about Magic’s diagnosis?

. He is the cutest. Magic jackson gave a face on the aids epidemic when he went public with his aides diagnosis 1991. Over 20 years ago. He and his wife educate others to work about the virus especially young people and cookie hi. Hi. How are you? There are myths out there right. Young people just don't think that you can contract. I don't think they are thinking about it, period. Back when my husband announced people were dying at alarming rates. At that point people didn't know about the disease so it was very, very scary because people were dying. Now with the new medicine that are out there people are living long lives with hiv but it's because of that I think they are not afraid of it any more and because nobody is talking about it any more. They are not making a big deal about it and to me what we need to do is start talking about. Getting loud. Yelling about it again because these kids are going out there having unprotected sex like thinking no big deal. I get on the medicine and no big deal. Think it's magic look he's happy and healthy. A little bit of a double edge sword there for young people. In 1991 when magic was diagnosed you were pregnant at the same time. Whether was going through your mind. Had gotten married a month before then I found out I was pregnant and two week after I found out I was pregnant we found out about him testing positive. How did he l tell you and what did he say to how this happened? Well, you know there is no other way to say it but to come out and say it and that day I was at home watching the game. I thought get ready to watch him play and he called me and he said I'm on my way home I have to tell you sochlingt I knew at that point it had to be something terrible when he came n.E. Just told me. And it was just like it was like worst nightmare. You must have had a million questions. No. First of all, it's not the questions it was more like oh, my god. You are going to die. It was more that. And the baby. And then am I all right? Am I all right? And then is my baby okay. So you know you went through those things first and then like I said a lot of people say why did you statement well at that point I loved him and I said at this point it's between life and death. The decision is between life and death and I just chose to help him live and that was from that day forward we decided we were going to educate ourselves about the disease. To understand how we could beat this thing. So that is what we did. Have you, magic worked out between the 2 of you in your own private settings what happened why this happened and. Exactly. And now you are a team and how is he different 20 years ago when he got this diseaseago when he got this disease, how is he different? Did his life change in that moment? Did he become the best he could be. I think his life definitely changed in that moment. I think he became more serious about life. Of course when your life is threatened like that you become more serious and then tl things become, it's about it became more about saving other people's lives not just saving his life. At that moment he said to me because in the beginning I was okay with dealing with him having it. Let's figure out how you can live with this disease but when he came to me week later and said I am going to go public with this. It scared me to death. Because there was a lot of stigma back then. People didn't know you could hug people kiss people touch pichlt people were terrified. They treated you like you had help situation. I did not weren't to go through that. So I thought if we could just deal with this privately it would be okay. Not magic. Not the whole world but he just looked me right in the eye and said look cookie I have to go save as many lives as I possibly can. This isn't just about me. You know. This disease is killing a lot of people and people need to know and understand about this disease. How is he today physically? What's his day-to-day. How many pills does to have take. Can he still work out healthy. He department take a lot of pistol because of advancement in medication. Back then you started taking 10 pales day or something they mess with your stomach but they have gotten more advanced with the medication these days. He only takes a couple pills now. Just a couple of pills a day. Couple times a day. And they then he has a regular life. He has a regular regimen. He works out every morning. He's very healthy. Praise the lord he's very healthy and never been sick. He's never been sick. Immune system goes way down if you get sick so he has to immanuel for 20 years he has never gotten sick. It was years. He has a cold here and there just like me and you. The flu company fight that. Yes. Or hard to fight. He can you know because he found out early and that's why we want to talk about this disease more and dld have the young kids understand that if you are sexually active doesn't matter who you are how old you are if you are sexually active you should be getting tested on a regular basis. Get tested when you go take your annual physical. When you get the physical you test for diabetes. You test for high bloop. You continue test because you think you have those things. That's just part of the regimen. This should be part of everyone's regimen because early detection save your lives. Earlier you find out the earlier you are on medication and longer you live. More coming straight up cookie johnson with us talk about the wonderful family and you and magic have raised. Especially ej. Is he here. Some reality tv. Talk you out of it. Coming up.