Dannielynn Birkhead Reaches Louisville, Kentucky

Birkhead heads home with Dannielynn Birkhead heads home with Dannielynn

[LAST UPDATED: 2:38 PM EDT] LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (May 1, 2007) — Dannielynn Birkhead has touched down in her father’s hometown for the very first time. The plane carrying the daughter of photographer Larry Birkhead and the late model Anna Nicole Smith just landed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts is live on the scene and reports Dannielynn and her dad, photographer Larry Birkhead, are en route to his family’s home in the city.
The group, in two SUV’s and a town car, are being trailed by a host of local media in vehicles and in helicopters. The media frenzy kicked off before dad and daughter arrived in Kentucky. Hoards of media were waiting at the chain link fence [ the helicopters were also presen]t shortly after the plane touched down in Louisville after noon EDT.

Potts reports the journey has been an emotional one. After putting the baby in the SUV at the airport, Birkhead “was momentarily overcome with emotion,” in front of the waiting media. He then had to compose himself before answering questions.

Times are happy in the car with baby Dannielynn en route to the Birkhead family home. Potts reports Larry and the baby’s nanny, Roxy, are singing “Jesus Loves The Little Children.”

“Dannielynn is mesmerized,” Potts reports from the car. “She is just staring at them. She is incredibly calm as the world flies by outside.”

The child has been in good spirits the entire monumental day. Earlier, on the plane Potts reported Dannielynn had a pleasant flight.

“She ate, slept, played and ate again,” he recounted. “She barely even fussed.”

As for the baby’s father Larry, his flight was enjoyable too. The first time dad, Potts reports, had a great time laughing and playing with his baby girl.

Earlier today, Birkhead and his daughter left Nassau in the Bahamas. It was an emotional, tear-filled ride taxiing down the Bahamian runway as Larry Birkhead, along with daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead, finally left the Bahamas,saying “goodbye” to the Bahamas… and to Anna Nicole’s resting place.

Wheels officially went up at 9:52 AM EDT, bound for Ft. Lauderdale.

The plane touched down at 10:31 AM EDT, surrounded by news helicopters hovering overhead.

Dannielynn was in great spirits the entire time, Potts reports.

“The customs agents were very professional, but break a smile when they see Dannielynn,” Potts reports.

“And they offer their ‘Congratulations’ to Larry.”

At 10:56 AM it was “wheels up” for Louisville, Kentucky.

“Blue grass, here we come,” Potts reported, adding, “Dannielynn is sleepy now.”

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