Demi Lovato Discusses Her Recovery: What Extreme Measures Did Her Mom...

Demi Lovato Discusses Her Recovery: What Extreme Measures Did Her Mom Take? (Exclusive)

Demi Lovato has shared details about her drinking, drug use and her cutting. Now, the young star opens up about her recovery and the extreme measures her mom took to get her clean and sober.

I had, m, a sprite bottle filled with vodka and it was 9:00 in the morning. That was how demi lovato used to start her day. Kit, now more with your exclusive. Demi has addressed the drinking, the drugs and smuggling cocaine on to airplanes and the cutting. No to extreme measures debbie's mom took to get her daughter clean and sober. What's it like doing all of this at such a young age in front of the public and in front of the public eye? There is almost a sense of empowerment by people not knowing how bad it was and me getting away with it. Calling herself an expert manipulator during the peak of her battle with drugs, alcohol and eating disorders. Debbie told me her charade was offer when those closest to her staged an intervention. The last time I had an intervention it was my management, my entire team, businessmanager, lawyers and everyone and my parents coming into the room saying if you don't get sober my mom specifically said, you know, we're going to move back to texas and you're not going to be able to be around your little sister. It was a threat demi took especially serious. She's incredibly close with her now 11-year-old sister madison, also an actress best known for her role as eva longoria's daughter onrate housewives. I couldn't allow her at that point to be around her little sister, when I found out that things were going I had to set an example for madison. I had to protect her, and she knew that. Yeah. So when I said I'm moving back to texas, she knew that i finally meant it that time, and that's when we all sat down with her and said this is it. You have to make a change or we're all going our separate ways, and that was the last time and that's when the big turnaround happened. It happened that night. That very night. In demi's new book "staying strong 365 days a year," she writes once she checked into treatment in 2010, doctors diagnosed her with bipolar disorder, a mental illness characterized by a period of manic highs and depression. I used to stay up late and my dad would be getting up to work and I would write seven songs in one night on my guitar. My dad would come up and say what are you doing? The sun is up. It was like a blessing and a curse. I got a lot of stuff done are done what I was manic and i would slip into these depressions for long periods of times and I remember sitting on my tour bus and seeing the fans and saying why are you so depressed and why are you always like that and I couldn't give myself an answer. In rehab what did you learn about yourself? A lot of things happened to me, and there are things that I'll touch on latery when feel i need to talk about it. Things that I realize happened that weren't okay, and things that I blocked out of my memory or just didn't think were as serious as they were.