Dick Van Dyke On His Wife Arlene: How Does Their 45-Year Age Gap Affect...

Dick Van Dyke On His Wife Arlene: How Does Their 45-Year Age Gap Affect Their Marriage?

Dick Van Dyke was pure magic in the 1964 classic “Mary Poppins,” a timeless performance that Dick’s wife, Arlene, didn’t see, which their 45-year age difference might help explain. So, how did the couple meet? And, how does the age gap affect their marriage?

People worried about the generation gap. But reaching that gap is really stimulating. It's wonderful. He's 87. She's 42. But it work for dick and arlene despite the fact she knew very little about him when they met in 2006 at the sag award. I knew who he was. I didn't know why I knew who it was. I couldn't place. I never saw mary pop ensor chit chit bang bangor the dick van dyke show. I educated her. She was working as make up artist in the zag green room when she met him. I saw him at the catering with a bow tie and saw him and I sat down and he was sitting next to me 30 seconds later. Introducing himself. Whether aim talking to. Kate blanchette. She walked by I said excuse me. And. I wouldn't know. I never introduced myself to a strange female my life. I don't know how I got up the nerve to do it. Dick hired arlene to do make up on project and friendship blossom. Right away we got along so good. Just I never met anyone like him. He was just the happiest person I ever met. Always singing always dancing. HE MESSALLY I'M ONLY 13 SOok It kind of works. Reporter: I GOT. THAT IT Was a platonic relationship because at the time dick was in a relationship with michelle marvin who subsequently passed away of lung cancer in 2009. Michelle passed away and for a year I was just alone but she after work would come by and bring me dinner or fix me dipper and look after me with my laundry and everything and i said this is a gem. Reporter: WHEN DID YOU SAY Wait a minute. Dick van dyke is also a very sexy man and i like him. Yes. Reporter: WHEN DID THAT Happen. I remember one time a night shot. The way he was shot. Sweater on. Laughing. I just went wait a minute. But I mean I thought it was so far-fetched this wl never work. Reporter: WHY BECAUSE OF THE Age difference. Just I was in a circle too. I thought it would never come together and it work so well. It's frightening that it is just easy. So easy. Once we gave up the whole age thing it just works so well. Reporter: DID HE LEAN IN AND Give you the first kiss or did you have to make a move open dick. What do you think? Reporter: I'M THINKING DICK Moved in on you. Yes. Reporter: HE GAVE YOU A KISS And left the trailer and you went t.That might work. And so far so good. The 2 read on leap day february 29, 2012 I'm just so happy that you have dick and happier that dick has you. What a great pair thank you very much. Sure. Thank you bill.