Dina Lohan's DUI Court Drama Continues - Hollywood News Roundup...

Dina Lohan's DUI Court Drama Continues - Hollywood News Roundup (November 21, 2013)

What did the judge think of Dina Lohan’s request to do a PSA, possibly with Lindsay Lohan? Plus, why has Chris Brown been ordered back to anger management rehab for 90 days? And, what attention-grabbing thing has Miley Cyrus done now?

Michelle joins me now with dena lohan's continued d.U.I. Drama. That's right, billy, she arrived at court in long island with her lawyer by her side. After a brief hearing, another court date is set for january 7. Dina was ordered to complete a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation before that. Dina's attorney called a private conference in front of the judge's bench it seemed to me they were talking about dina doing some sort of public service announcement possibly with lindsay and the lohan family it appeared that the judge, in my opinion, got kind of annoyed by this. And said he will not treat the lohans any differently than anyone else. Can you talk about the community service? We don't know about it at this point. I love the idea that attorney mark heller puts forward that dina will do a psa telling people if they drink and drive, they could go to jail. But if dina drinks and drives, all she has to do is a psa about how others will go to jail. Across the country, more legal troubles for chris brown. He's in l.A. Court yesterday with his defense attorney, mark geragos. He was ordered back to anger management rehab for 90 days, probation officers recommended it after he flew into a rage at rehab earlier this month. He threw a rock at his mom's car, shattered the windows, he's still under the probation imposed when he pled guilty to a felony assault charge in the 2009 attack on rihanna. Everybody is accountable for their actions. If you look back in his childhood, there's a ton of alleged abuse on his mother, on he himself and sometimes kids learn to repeat that action. Do you feel any sympathy there? Perhaps that has something. But the other issue, you have all the money, resources and people that are in position to help you. If you're not taking advantage of that by now, then you are now at fault. It's not anybody else's fault. Finally let's hope here's a trend that doesn't catch on. Miley cyrus is stepping out of the confines of naturally-hued eyebrows. Bleached blonde or she's got makeup covering them up. Love to hear what you think about it. I almost bleached my eyes,