DIY Tips To Make The Once-In-A-Lifetime Thanksgivukkah Holiday...

DIY Tips To Make The Once-In-A-Lifetime Thanksgivukkah Holiday Unforgettable!

This Thanksgiving holiday will be a special one as the first day of Hanukkah falls on turkey day. This phenomenon hasn’t occurred since 1888! Now, celebrity party planner and Paid spokesperson for Birthday Cake Vineyards, Mindy Weiss, visits Access Hollywood Live with simple, last-minute decorating tips for this combo celebration.

oh, thanksgiving holiday unlike any other. First time only time in our life time the first day of hanukkah falls on thanksgiving. This is fantastic. Let's call it thanksgivakah. Others are. Party planner paid spokesperson for birthday cake vineyard mindy last minute decorating tip for the combo celebration and really some of them are so great bleed over into any great holiday. Absolutely. But this is the first time. Only experience thanksgivakah one time then in 77,000 more years. Let's go ranch. Okay. So first we have lets do a little napkin treatment. We are trying to combine thanksgiving. Tradition. Put that around there. Tight up. Yes. You could do this kichlt I love the burlap. This is so cute. Russ tibling. Thanksgiving. And then we are going to take an acorn and look they are kind of both the same size. So it's symbolic of both things. And you can glue it right on to your napkin treatment. Acorn on one side of the bow and dreidle on the other. Or kit you could do one of these little pumpkin things. Thank you. Very easy. And anyone. Now for big thing with pinterest diy do it yourself don't spend a lot of money to do this. That's cute. Kit look at this. Finger puppet. Just to kind of cress up things on the table. You have your kids there. Family. Birthday cake vineyard great bottle. This is like the dessert wine. Wait. You made this. So cute. My god. My wife has let me give her this glove when she goes out. As they leave at the door party favor could be great. Make your own. Look behind you make your own. Take a planter from your house. The wine holder. Line it in plats particular. Cute. After the bottle make it into a menorah. So many things. This is great. How smart is that. Okay. Now we are going to do a snow globe. The winter. With little this is. Let's make tonight manipulatedy what imanipulatedy what is this mindy. That is. This is -- and back the other way. And then back and back and back. Mindy all right. I'm on to you. What is this mindy. That is it has this so we pour the water in? Look how easy is this. Billy pick this up. You can do it billy you can pour it in there pour a little. Glitter in there. Just a little. A little more. Let's put this down here. My kids would love this. Your little deposit. Don't like like you have never done it before. There you go. Here is your snow globe. Oh,snow globe. Oh. Oh,snow globe. Oh. Oh. Mindy. My gosh mindy. I love this. Gourmet. Can I say this I shouldn't. Okay. Perfect for hanukkah. They are good. They are good. The middle one. They are healthy. I always want people to talk me that it. For thanksgiving sweet potato and top it with this. Caviar. To the right and mindy. Don't forget the turkey. Savannah guthrie and susan summers have waited on the take out thanksgiving plans after your message from the local station. Bring pp