Does Diane Want Out?

Does Diane Sawyer want off of ?Good Morning America??

J. Max Robins of Broadcasting & Cable magazine breaks the story to Access Hollywood.

?ABC says she has a long term deal, that she’s sewn up,? Robins told us. ?We’re hearing there’s maybe an “out” in that contract.?

Why would she want out? Her co-host Charlie Gibson?s upcoming departure to anchor ABC?s ?World News Tonight? may be a factor, Robins said.

?I think she wanted or may have wanted that ?World News Tonight? job,? Robins told us. ?She’s not going to get it. I wonder if she’s a happy camper with those early morning hours at GMA.?

A lost opportunity. A lost co-host and, given that her ?Primetime Live? is not on ABC?s fall schedule, a lost show.

All three losses fuel the rumors that Diane?s time at GMA and ABC is running out.

?If I were a betting man I might take the odds that this time next year, or not too long after, Diane Sawyer is no longer on GMA,? Robins told us.

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