Dr. Oz Discusses The Death Of Philip Seymour Hoffman & The Lethal Cycle...

Dr. Oz Discusses The Death Of Philip Seymour Hoffman & The Lethal Cycle Of Heroin Addiction

The shocking death of Philip Seymour Hoffman from an apparent heroin overdose puts a spotlight on the dangers of addiction. Dr. Oz joins Kit Hoover and guest co-host Holly Robinson Peete on Access Hollywood Live to talk about why heroin deaths are on the rise. Why does Dr. Oz claim this is a medical problem more than a criminal one? How should parents talk about heroin with their kids?

We'd better. That's next. Seymour Hoffman putting a glarg eye on addiction. Dr. Oz, one of the things that shocked me he was sober for over 20 years and had this relapse. Relapse is a pobltd, but there's no cure for an addiction, correct sfl. It's not a possible. It's a probability. Hmm. It's a chronic and it's possibly that deep down in our psyche, we're lacking something. We want to fill an emptiness and perhaps it's what made him the actor that he was. Like many threatened people like a maserati, as soon as everyone wents wrong, everyone hears it. He would feel it more than anyone else. He began to self-medicate. We've had twice as many deaths from heroin this year than we had two or three years ago? Why is that? It's different. It's now made in factories. Pharmaceutical strength dosages but there are huge variations in how much you get. You can't tell because it's not regulated. It's illegal. I'm a heart surgeon. So when I put someone to sleep, an anesthesiologist gives them a cousin of heroin and knocks them out. What's the cousin of heroin? Morphine. We have endorphins. You've heard of runner's high. It makes you feel really good if you're being intimate or dancing at a party or feeling better. So heroin is a super charged turbo charged something of this. We don't use heroin. It's more addictive. We use morphine or vicodin, prescription pain medications. It's for people who have agony diskwekt that pain. These who take it intravenously, it gives you an credible high, a unique blissfulness but you have to keep redosing all the time. How important is it to get these people off the streets? I mean you get them off. They're mixing things and making it so much more important. What's the drug -- Fent knoll. What is that? Related to heroin and morphine. It works quickly so we can give it to you in small doses when you're recovering from pain. I wish it was at easy as law enforcement taking it out. But when you have two willing parties, one selling the drug and one taking the drug it's hard for the law to intervene. It's as much a medical problem as criminal. We're wired differently. There may be a gene in our brain that snaps. Some of us don't deal with stress well and we may need to run toward a place. Cigarettes, food. In many ways you can get that addictive hit. You know what it's like. If you don't, it's hard to understand why they would do this for themselves. There are others who aren't famous like him who are struggling right now wanting to show, what they need to hear is people love them and care for them deeply. We have a chronic constant problem. The smarter you are, the better you are at lying yourself. You find ways to con yourself out of it and people who ultimately do love you, and especially if you're a celebrity, you get enabled by people. And triggers push you over the edge all around you. It could be a cup of coffee. Who knows. Once you're gone, it's hard to climb back oufrt. They're saying out there, too, at the end for Philip, it's not a weakness. He couldn't control this. In the end addiction is not a weakness. It's an illness. It is an illness. Like cancer, it can have a bad outcome if you don't get support. He was off these things for apparently 23 years. He was back and forth, honest about it. Career was great, great kids. How do you think parents should talk to their kids about heroin? How do we put a plug on this? Addiction is all about love. I never operate on people who are smokers, not because I don't care about them but because I care about them. I say look around the office at the people who love you. Instead of thinking they're worse fwhas fell into the trap of addiction. What do they do, take another hit of the product, another drag of the cigarette. It's about the uplifting experience. If you're a doctor and understand theocrates of the human body. What would you tell them? Whatever you would tell them, say it to yourself.