Drew Barrymore On Her Fiance: 'He's A Wonderful Man'

Drew Barrymore in 'Big Miracle' Drew Barrymore in 'Big Miracle'

Drew Barrymore spent Friday morning in Los Angeles promoting her film, inspired by a true story, “Big Miracle,” in which she sets out to save a family of whales trapped by ice, but it was another kind of ice that caught Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson by surprise – the actress’ engagement ring.

“He’s a wonderful man,” Drew said of her fiancé, Will Kopelman, as Shaun admired her ring.

“He bought her a flashlight to put on it,” Drew’s “Big Miracle” co-star John Krasinski — who plays a news reporter in the film — chimed in, referencing the sparkling qualities of Drew’s diamond. “It’s very sweet. Practical.”

Drew got engaged over the holidays while she and Will were in Sun Valley, Idaho.

“He is a very romantic and creative person,” Drew told Shaun of Will. “He’s wonderful.”

Drew said she loves the stability of her relationship with Will, something she opened up about in the February issue of InStyle magazine.

“It’s funny, when I was younger, I used to say I’d hate a flat line—that I want the ups and downs, the rollercoaster. But I’m actually really enjoying the flat line,” she told the mag.

When asked about her quote, Drew expanded on her original thoughts, telling Shaun that she loves how her life has turned out.

“I think that you want so much sort of craziness and excitement when you’re younger and then it’s actually just being with friends and family and having that quiet weekend together that is just the most ideal way to spend your time,” she said.

“Totally,” John chimed in with a smile. “And he called and asked my permission first (laughs)… He’s really sweet.”

Also sweet is Drew and John’s film, which allowed the actress to play a whale advocate who tangles with multiple governments on an emotional journey to save three whales.

“I like going to work and having to cry. I like having to go to work and be strong or feisty, and I got to do so many things as this amazing woman” Drew said of her character, Rachel. “I got to fight for something I completely love and believe in.”

And the story, in general, motivated the actress as well.

“I just loved the story. I like family oriented movies, I like if there’s something for children, but I like if there’s something for adults too, and this is environmental, and it’s political, and it’s heartfelt, and it’s emotional, “ she said. “It’s uplifting. I don’t have a sad umbrella over my head. I want to see things that are inspiring.”

“Big Miracle” hits theaters on February 3.

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