Elizabeth Hurley Talks Raising Breast Cancer Awareness; Dishes On New TV...

Elizabeth Hurley Talks Raising Breast Cancer Awareness; Dishes On New TV Show The Royals

Elizabeth Hurley, who is a paid spokesperson for Estee Lauder, chats with Access Hollywood Live’s Kit Hoover and guest co-host Alfonso Ribeiro about what she’s doing to help raise awareness for breast cancer. Plus, how excited is she to play the Queen of England on E!‘s “The Royals”? For more info on the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, go to http://www.bcacampaign.com/StrongerTogether

A little bit early shooting everything that's been a lot of commercial back in 1990. A little bit if they paid spokesperson for Estee Lauder and the global ambassador for the breast cancer awareness campaign. -- Smart against breast cancer awareness not that Elizabeth joins us now from New York he helped kicked it off Elizabeth. Alex recorded talking to you every year right around this time what's new about the campaign. Well what's new is that. We been increasing our -- over the nineteen years I've been with the company -- moving in a different direction this year we will people be more active. But also would not yet I think -- -- -- come across more people be affected by breast cancer assay with with little -- yeah -- -- being reinforced during the yet. What are some of the things that this year you guys are planning to do to get people to be more involved. Well what people couldn't do this thing we've come up with -- to suck the strength. Wet every weekend got people to get around them that mom's best friends that all of that what color leaks and already pledged to do something. That's gonna make a difference which could be. Really making sure you know how to check to end breast and making sure that you won't do it each month. It could be if you've -- friends over forty trying to really really make sure they can we get back and you about a ground. Or it could be raising some money collectively it could be saying every month but gonna put ten dollars and to a -- it's -- make -- -- it because we know now that the only thing standing between. Today and a day where would they stop dying of breast counts is funding so we wanna raise more funds this year. Up a -- parent especially think Elisabeth -- like everybody has gotten more proactive as women what do you think about. Angelina Joseph leader of the preventative double mastectomy and the -- of one test. What you know we really commend this we commend anybody who stands up and talks about breast -- so that was the whole point to the campaign. -- -- started back in 92 because she said women are dying. No one's talking about it. And now we all talking about it but told about it right now if we -- is about the pink ribbon which evident. Can created and that was the whole point about it to stop it being something that we was scandal and whispering about I'm being something we shout about from the rooftops say. An engine Judy really help that along not redefine beauty absolutely it was wonderful to that now. Also outside of what you during this month but you are on a new TV show correct. I'm about to pilots for a new TV show pilot of the royals. Yeah. Why pick queen of England queen Helena tell us about her guests off below on number it. Well it's a fictitious royal family but it's one that would be the reigning monarchs of today. So. It's it's a it's a very brave showed some fun shows. We start shooting next week you know we're gonna have to see how it goes where we will run the very beginning of it but it looks like it could be a lot of fun -- for -- channel right. What I eat. In DOD yes yes yup. Elizabeth what's gone on on the farm give me some more little nuggets about life on the farm -- -- continuing -- -- a lot of kids out there again the eggs in the whole nine yards. Well I I am very active on the farm stand is so positive all belief that a healthy lifestyle. Today can ultimately save all health. To keep a spicy fits so I'm outside lots I'm getting a lot of fresh we have I'll pass because right now that are escape artists I spent my life chasing them and -- -- We have all cows and a sheet metal chickens. And -- and it's good it's it's all to do with wanting to -- as well as we can. And it's something I'm very passionate about and Udonis farmer you never seen. Well no because my my wife is actually grew up on a farm so I have I made my wife is the hottest farmer I've ever seen but you have you have a son baby incorrect. I have a son who helped him fumble -- time he's just eleven. And we get -- his gum boots pretty much at the weekend helping fencing is always that thing I've got eleven -- but mine's a daughter was the latest what's going on in your house with an eleven year old because I see the change shift in in my daughter -- grown -- mean. Barry is a change yeah I mean you know he's pre pubescent but. I told to mom's left -- cents a about what I can expect in the upcoming it is all right now he's sitting Chauncey -- adorable he helps through this campaign he's helped me -- Like buildings paint he's given up pink ribbons. Album they you know it's a new used today they've bet that very safely a -- And they did everything they can to help says you know hopefully he would get to know Steve he's teenager. -- -- look at Aaron out a little bit thank you so much of that and I love talked me every time about this year. Thank you very much for having me or is not Elizabeth breast cancer awareness campaign Access Hollywood live got them.