Elton On Anna Nicole: She's No Marilyn Monroe

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Anna Nicole Smith worshipped Marilyn Monroe. So much so, to the point she tried to become a Marilyn clone. But how much alike were they?

Elton John, who immortalized Marilyn in song, sat down with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush to shed some light on Anna’s candle in the wind.

“It’s just so awful and sad and tragic,” Elton said. “The whole thing.”

Anna Nicole and Marilyn led tragically parallel lives. Both dead before the age of 40 with most believing drugs played some part in both deaths. And both were found in the nude.

And while Anna often channeled Marilyn, for Elton, the similarities end there.

“Anna Nicole Smith fancied herself as a kindred spirit to Marilyn Monroe. Do you see that when you look at her?” Billy asked Elton.

“Marilyn Monroe was a movie star. There’s a difference,” Elton explained. “Marilyn Monroe was a huge star and a hugely talented actress. Anna Nicole Smith was a product of what television is today.”

But Elton wasn’t entirely critical of Anna.

“Looking from afar, I really liked her,” he revealed. “I thought she was a good girl. I feel incredibly sad for her.”

And Elton expressed sympathy for Anna and her family.

“After the initial marriage to the guy, she became kind of a freak show on her own reality show,” he said. “I was really upset when she died. After her son dying and everything, it was like, God this couldn’t get any sadder.”

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