Exclusive First Look: Nite-Owl From 'Watchmen!'

Fans across the globe feverishly await the release of “Watchmen” on March 6, 2009, and to hold them over AccessHollywood.com has an exclusive look at a new “Watchmen” poster, featuring the Nite-Owl!

Played by Patrick Wilson in the upcoming Warner Bros. feature, vigilante Dan Dreiberg is the second person to lay claim to the Nite-Owl moniker, relying more on his technological wizardry then physical prowess.

At one time, the hero would be seen riding the skies in his Owlship (better known as ‘Archie’) but a government edict, known as the Keene Act, has outlawed all vigilante activities and curtailed the Nite-Owl along with others like him.

At the start of the film, Dan is retired, pudgy, and unsure of his place in the Nixon-controlled world he has found himself in.

Find out how Dreiberg’s story unfolds when “Watchmen” hits screens in March!

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