George Clooney: What's The Real Story Behind His 'Win A Date With George...

George Clooney: What's The Real Story Behind His 'Win A Date With George Clooney' Contest?

George Clooney gives an update to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live to his “Walk the Red Carpet with George Clooney” charity contest. What’s in store for the contest winner? And, what important cause does the contest help support? Plus, what does he think of Billy’s efforts to recruit stars to his cause at the Golden Globes?

Welcome back to "Access Hollywood live". Now to more of our interview with George Clooney. We met up with him to discuss the new film the monuments men and for 10 dollars you can win a date with George for the film premier. For important cause of course but we had to let George know he has been doing our part in the match making process. How is win date with George Clooney going. That's funny. Listen win a date. Okay. Raffle off and you and friend I'll walk you down the red carpet. Win a date with George so it's going well. We of raised a lot of money for the Seminole project and still going on. I think the studio is now going to bring people in. And give them a make over and get them dressed for the whole thing. I think it's really going to be fun. It's really for me it's fine because we are trying to keep this satellite overthis satellite over Sudan going. There's a lot of sort of terrible things right now and we need to have some pictures and you can't get pictures of it and we can do it with our satellite so it's important for me to be able to fund this whatever way I can and this one works really well. So we should go with the date thing that's working. Win a date he. I think different level. 500,000 dollars raise and maybe a hand holding moment just for a second. 1 million. You know I have to say this is this is where you start to get into what would be called prostitution. I think Sudan satellite George I don't see you being above that. Okay. All right. Satellite. You are right. At 5 million let's say 10 million dollars. Can you make out with George Clooney -- Okay. We know what you are you are just stabbiyou are just stabbing the price. I have tried to help you in your absence the golden globe. What did you do. Collecting money. Raise awareness and funds. Now is there tax included in that. No. 10 buck. And when you say walk what does that mean you are holding hands or. Julia. Wear flat. I want to know my parameter for 10 bucks. Come on. Oh, here's a 20 take a 20. All right. There we go. Put him in twice. Put me in 20's I'm serious. Would you be upset if she registered and won date with George Clooney would you let her go on the date. Sluchlt are you kidding me. 10 dollars Chris. 10 dollars. Chris brick this. There is 100. Ithis. There is 100. I owe you. How many tickets can you buy at once. Seriously. I'll keep an eye on you. I'm so sorry to interrupt. We made money. She double back. Can I ask you something what did you do with the money. I have donated it. I donated all the money and more. I registered my wi I registered my wife 200 times. Good. That's nice. You have permission to kiss my wife. I think these okay. I would do that for her. Now you see. A peck. Just a little peck. This is not a morning show. This is not a morning. This is like late night. It's for the satellite. Okay okay. Anything. How much does it cost to keep a satellite up in the air for a week or month. Well for a year right now it's costing to me about like 3 million a year to do it. So. Out of your own pocket. Yes. Out of my pocket meaning I do I'll do a coffee commercial over seas or do some stuff then that will pay for it. It's expensive to do but we have been able to collect a lot of photo that the international criminal court is using. So it's been an extraordinarily successful tool and we keep doing it until. General we have a gift for you here. Just celebrate the monuments Menzel bright the fantastic gravity year. One of these is yours the other is a different at the kill a. He knows from the color. Taste test. Hang on. Which is the premier tequila a. Hang on. Well, we have 2. I will tell you this in fairness. One is casa the other is in the it's a different celebrity tequila 8. Well that is mine. You are correct sir. But what is that? Well first tell me what you think of it. Describe the flavor. Before I reveal. Is this diddy tequila east that's like 1,000 dollars a bolts or something like thatsomething like that? You know I have a long junk a day ahead of me. We should have done this before. And I got to talk to a lot of people, you know in front of a camera. And and I'm afraid -- that I'm going to have to finish these. I don't know who is that one. Justin Timberlake. It is? Jt. It's good. It's fine. Whether ma Whether makes a good tequila, salt and lime. Yes our thing has been we are having fun. Hang over. If you don't screw around if you don't put it with other things like if you tonight mix it in with a lot of sugar things it's pretty clean. I have heard if you drink tequila straight no hang over better for you. Tequila is the only alcohol that is stimulant and the rest are depressant. Is this true. Why yes it is Billy. Yes it is. How stimulating this its. I'm really glad I did that. Thank you brother. So good to see you. Nice to meet you. Thanks very much. Now I'm hammered. Oh, Oh. Man. Yes it is. He was so fun. I'm buying future.