George Clooney's Omaze Contest Winners Join Him At 'The Monuments Men'...

George Clooney's Omaze Contest Winners Join Him At 'The Monuments Men' Premiere

It was date night with George Clooney, who stepped onto the red carpet at “The Monuments Men” premiere with the Omaze contest winners (the proceeds going to George’s Sudan charity). Plus, how are Matt Damon and Ben Affleck getting in on the charity action with Omaze?

George was able to give two lucky people a great experience. Date night with Clooney. The proceeds going to the charity. It was $10 a day. That is probably what I'm worth at this point. But we raised a million 2. And Matt Damon is auctioning himself. We will do a big Hollywood event and hang out with Normal guys. Not like Clooney. Just to go out with Matt is worth it. Fans certainly got their money's worth as Matt and George worked the crowd, posing for pictures and signing autographs. And others that costarred were there. It tells the story of a man sent out to save art treasurers after world war ii and back to George and his Hollywood issue cover. Julia is showing off leg there legs for days. She does. While they get the tar treatment, not so much for the stripped down shots of Julia, brad Pitt, and Oprah Winfrey, who took part in the portraits. They had strict rules for the star.