Gerard Butler Admits Taking Dance Lessons From Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough has taught a host of celebrities how to cut a rug on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” and Gerard Butler revealed she helped him too – off screen.

According to the Scotsman, the popular television blonde gave him dancing lessons before he hit the ballroom with Katherine Heigl in “The Ugly Truth.”

“I took a few lessons because I had no idea what I was doing,” Gerard told TV Guide.

Gerard explained that the two crossed paths because he used to live in the same locale as some of Julianne’s co-workers.

“I knew a bunch of the guys from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ because I used to live in the same building as them,” he said.

And apparently it was a good thing too as the Scottish actor admitted he isn’t as smooth as he appears on screen.

“She did me a big favor there,” he admitted.

As for Katherine, she had no problem at all with her on-screen footwork.

“This lady was just on it and she had it right away,” Gerard said.

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