Glam Slam: Look Out Suri Cruise!

Hollywood has a new Best Dressed Kid!

This weekend my baby girl, who is due at the end of January, was celebrated with a beautiful shower, an afternoon tea, very appropriately held at Hollywood’s London Hotel. This is my first child, so I’m a little in awe of the whole process and of the things they make for babies these days!

Sure, because of where I work and live, I know what Suri and Violet and Kingston and Shiloh are wearing. So, obviously I know that there are designer clothes out there for babies and kids… but WOW - just the scope of it all - it’s a little overwhelming!

Baby girl (no name yet!) received a beautiful ruffled BURBERRY dress, RALPH LAUREN onesies, a POLO patchwork dress, denim ruffled bloomers from JOE’S JEANS, a JUICY COUTURE track suit (yes, with “Juicy” across the booty!) and a JUICY COUTURE velour pink outfit, an outfit from Gwen Stefani’s HARAJUKU LOVERS line and two pairs of mini STUART WEITZMAN shoes called “My First Weitzman’s.” Now that - I did NOT know existed!

My child isn’t even born yet and she has more designer duds than I had the first 25 years of life! Because I love fashion so much myself, people assume I am going to go crazy with my kid’s wardrobe. I don’t think so. Seems hard to justify spending a lot of money on something that’s gonna be puked on in about five minutes.

But that’s what’s great about showers. A whole bunch of fashionable “Aunties” and “Uncles” were kind enough to shower my baby in style.

I am lucky to have so many generous people in my life, but I’ve always believed being stylish isn’t just about money. Get creative! Each person who attended my shower was given a plain white Gerber baby onesie to decorate with fabric markers. My friend Sara drew a chic “Chanel” necklace, complete with interlocking “C’s!” Cute, stylish, inexpensive, and best of all, it was made with love.

And in the end… isn’t that what a baby is really all about?


… to the amazing women who threw my shower… Susan, Sara, Maurine, Stephanie and Lauree. It was beautiful! The awesome Access Hollywood staff also threw me an incredible shower too! A big thanks to all of you for making me and my little one feel so special and loved!

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