Glam Slam: Stress-Free Swimsuit Shopping Tips

The sun can be fun... if you have the right bathing suit! The sun can be fun... if you have the right bathing suit!

Bathing suit season is here, which translates to two things — good times at the pool and beach, but dressing room panic attacks for many!

Swimwear Stylist and fit expert Pattie Byrnes offers these stress-free tips to help you find the perfect fit for your shape.

Pear Shapes

For ladies heavier on the bottom than on top try the below tips:

  • Draw the eye up away from your lower level with clever designs and bright colors on top to accentuate your best assets
  • Balance proportions by choosing a halter, H back or a style that wraps around the neck to give the illusion of broader shoulders.
  • Suffering from cellulite and saddlebags? Look for cute skirted bottoms or swim dresses to hide problem areas.
  • Try a swimsuit romper! Rompers are right on trend this summer and a fashionable way to cover up problem areas.

A Larger Midsection

Looking to hide tummy bumps and bulges? Fake a Gwen Stefani six pack with the below tips:

  • Draw the eye away from the stomach area by wearing a decorative print that draws eyes upwards
  • Flatten the tummy by investing in swimwear that incorporates control fabrics designed to flatten your stomach.
  • Looks for designs with strategic shirring and draping over the stomach area to conceal any bumps and bulges.

Large Chest or Saggy Breasts

Need a lift? Try the below to make the most of your assets

  • Swimsuits with adjustable straps are a must-have! As these allow you to control lift and fit.
  • Lift breasts with underwire. Buy swimsuits with similar features to your favourite bra.
  • For a boost try a design with removable pads so you can control your bust size.
  • Big breasted? Look for designs with thick straps which offer better lift and support.

A Long Torso

Embrace a long torso with clever designs

  • Try a swimsuit with adjustable straps to reduce pull on shoulders.
  • Finding a regular fit uncomfortable? Try some of the long torso suits now available. These are specially constructed to fit longer stomachs.
  • Look for a design with colors or clever patterns that cut across the torso and break up the length.

-- Ryan Patterson

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