Glam Slam: Wedding Dress Memories

Ryan Patterson and Richard Plotkin on their wedding day Ryan Patterson and Richard Plotkin on their wedding day

Jessica Simpson, in her gorgeous wedding dress on the cover of People magazine, made me think about my own wedding gown — perfect for #TBT!

No, my gown was not a big designer name like Jessica’s custom Carolina Herrera. But my gown was custom made just for me. My soon-to-be mother-in-law, who was a bridal seamstress, made my dress.

For our wedding, we had a “Supper Club” theme with swing dancing, cigarette girls and cigars. Guests dressed in vintage clothes. Instead of going with a vintage dress though, I just wanted something very simple with very clean lines that wasn’t defined by any particular era… timeless. I am so glad I chose this route. I see photos of some of my friends weddings and some of the more elaborate dresses look a little dated.

We went down to the fabric mart and bought the fabric, she made a pattern and then the dress itself. The gown was made of silk and had a very subtle, very delicate, sheer gold fabric train on the back. I had seen something similar in a magazine and she was able to take that idea and create our own version of that. I ordered a headpiece with golden accents, which ended up costing more than my entire gown! We added some inexpensive tulle for a veil, which I only wore during the ceremony.

I love that my dress had such a personal connection. To this day, I still say that’s quite the wedding gift!

-- Ryan Patterson

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