Golden Globes 2014: Billy Bush Helps The Stars Win A Date With George...

Golden Globes 2014: Billy Bush Helps The Stars Win A Date With George Clooney

George Clooney wasn’t at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards in person, but he was on the minds of everyone, thanks to the recent “Win a Date with George” contest, which raises money to benefit the Satellite Sentinel Project, an organization that works to prevent war crimes in Sudan. Billy Bush took to the red carpet to see if he could raise money and register a few stars.

hear their absolutely. Heard about it now. Hilarious joke but he was on the minds of everyone there thanks in part to recent date with George Clooney contest. 10 dollars goes to George's charity in the Sudan and the winner gets to go on date with George. Monuments men which is his movie coming out with Matt Damon and they get to go to Letterman with him the day before. So we signed some people up. Might be interested. I want to see this. Now is there tax included in that. No. 10 buck. When you say walk what does it mean you are holding hands or arm around. I'm sure you will be. Wear flat. I want to know my parameter for 10 bucks come on. I'm okay that you are taller be me. You are right he probably wouldn't be okay. You want in I'll register you. For 9.50 a soiled 10. Take a 20. A 20. Yes. God I hope I win. Put me in twice. Put me in twice I'm sires. How would you like a date with George Clooney? I'm yes. 10 dollars please. Okay. Do you have 10. We'll get that from my publicist. I need 10 dollars. Listen she is probably paying you enough Justin back. Now would you be upset if she registered and won a date with George Clooney would you let her go on the date. Absolutely. I need 10 dollars. Here's can you break this. There's 100. I owe you how would you like to win a date with George Clooney. I would love to win a date with George Clooney. How many tickets can you buy at once. This this I'll keep an eye on you. I'm so excited. I can explain this. No. She's gorgeous. If you bring up my name and he thinks I'm the biggest player in Hollywood. Margo interrupts the interview to give me a 20. Did you register all these people? You worked late last night where's the money. You know I kept the money for some people so I have to make a donation to George charity in the Sudan and believe me I will in order to clear my conscious but I have Margo Robie money in my pocket and few others. Wolf of Wall Street. They are rich. Beautiful. You give to it Clooney. Exactly. This is great. If you have seen the film or all you have to do is see the