Hank Baskett On Welcoming Baby Number Two To The Family; Says He'll...

Hank Baskett On Welcoming Baby Number Two To The Family; Says He'll 'Give Up Anything' For Their Happiness

Hank Baskett chats with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live about expecting a second baby with wife Kendra Wilkinson. How’s Kendra handling the pregnancy this time around? Plus, will Billy & Kit get him to reveal the baby’s sex? Finally, Hank talks about his charity work with the Griffin Gives Foundation.

Is hank more conservative than you. He loves me he loves me the way I am and spunk and bring twist to his life that's what he loves about me. That is kendra giving us insight into why her marriage to hank basket to hank basket nfl wide receiver. He joins us now to talk about the second baby no.2 and about making his big screen debut with jenner. It's a good idea. Like scary movie for comedy and it's funny. We get to that in a second. First of all how are things going at home baby no.2 on the way how far along. Very good actually. We'll be may going gender announcement tomorrow. You know. Tomorrow? Come on now. I can't say I can't say. Use your microphone. The boss sichlts you make the rules you make the rule you decide when. You are lying. You are lying. You are man of the house you are king of the castle what's the sex. Can't do it. Baby girl right. Mom gets to make the decision tomorrow. Writ now I know the baby is healthy. Kids kendra doing very good. Some days better than others. Last nature it was rough on her she couldn't move around. Kind of sore. Is this pregnancy different than the others. A little more nauseous this time. Definitely sims like the symptoms hit her more this time but we have a nursery and everything going up so way to get through the holiday and get full on baby push for me. Kendra excited about a little girl. I love how you do that. I see what you are doing. We are going in. We are excited to have a healthy baby boy or girl that we will find out about. It will come out very soon. Excited also hank is very excited to be a big brother. He's already saying everything he wants to teach the baby from basketball to soccer to you know which one of the leg ought baby can play w. Athletic little girl. . Let's talk about hank harry love his hair. How many haircuts have we had. 4. We are lacking lake needing another one very soon. No. No. My gosh. Look at. That that is for her birthday. Look at her men. How about that. That's martine his little best friend but hank is such an amazing boy. Same thing my dad taught me take care of mom. Always be gentleman el with the mom she sets there and get a little and he's jumping and climbing over me. I can't lay down because I turn in a jungle gym. Medley. Now how it going with kendra pregnancy. You never know with my wife pregnant three times it's a different person each time. Is she comfortable, is she. She's doing pretty good. Definitely been happy but the thing that is driving me crazy is I asked her right before I get in bed do you want anything. No I'm fine I'm fine. I get under get the nice little the covers pulled up under my chin. Babe, and whatever it is. You know what I'm saying. I truly. I loved her pregnant the first time I think every man sees the same thing in his thing in his wife when pregnant. I like listen to her little hank laugh last night. I'll give up anything just to hear that because that woman has given everything. She is having my children you know so whatever she wants right now I set myself up you have 9 months of this so after that you get your butt going back downstairs to get what you want. Is she feeling frisky pregnancy the hormone going crazy. Yes there's definitely the frisky times but that's like playing russian roulette sometimes I'll sit and stalk her around the house. I feel good. I'm making my move when I can because it's almost like a spider something like that. If I go at the wrong time she might take my head off and eat it. So definitely be very cautious about it. Yes that's great. Never the same never on the same plane. Pregnant woman. That's incredible. You are wearing the shirt right there. Yes. This is my foundation. It was started couple years ago and we work with the debilitating disease primarily lung cancer because of my father and military we are doing a major purse next yeardoing a major purse next year, already spoke spoke at 3 veteran hospital. Want to do more next year and possibly do a uso tour and we also work with lung capser society and we work with abused children because my father is director of children non-profit and what we are doing right now for the holiday with the new play station and x box coming out anybody that wants to if you send it to us your old one we give you a tax write off and we let you pick if you want to it good to children hospital or military man or woman serving over seas and we cover all the cost and shipping. That's awesome. Push for the holiday right now. Don't mav hank coming right back. I need more hank. And the sex of the baby.