Healthy Hollywood: Emily Blunt's Ballerina Workout!

Emily Blunt in Women's Health Emily Blunt in Women's Health

The British beauty gets en pointe for her role as a ballerina in the sci-fi love story, “The Adjustment Bureau.” Emily, who’s on the cover of March’s Women’s Health magazine, had a mere six weeks to morph into dancer shape. “It was exhausting, a real endurance test,” Blunt reveals in the magazine. To get on the fast track to a ballerina’s bod, Emily went through grueling two-hour sessions of “boot-camp training,” followed by two more hours of dance class. OUCH!

Misery loves company (or so it’s been said), so Emily recruited her close friend and trained dancer, actress Amy Adams to lean on. “Amy is gung ho—a crack-the-whip kind of a girl. Her advice is always ‘Just do it! You can do it!’”

The intense training took a toll Blunt’s body. The 27-year-old tells Women’s Health she had multiple injuries, including wrecking her shoulders and throwing out her hip. She ended up needing therapeutic massages three times a week to heal.

By the time shooting began, Emily’s body was in awesome shape. She adds, “I looked like an aerobics teacher. My shoulders puffed out. My back looked like there was a barrel of snakes in it. I had an eight-pack!”

As much as she dug her newly sculpted shape, Emily gave up her intense workouts once filming wrapped and then jokes she did nothing but “eat cheese and bread” afterwards.

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