Healthy Hollywood: Jenny McCarthy's Vibrant View

Jenny McCarthy on the cover of New You magazine (Aug. 2014) Jenny McCarthy on the cover of New You magazine (Aug. 2014)

Jenny’s former TV home “The View” is on shaky ground. She, along with co-host Sherri Shepherd and the show’s grand dame, Barbara Walters, are all leaving, but don’t feel bad for Ms. McCarthy.

The sassy TV personality couldn’t be in a better place.

She’s madly in love her fiancé, Donnie Wahlberg. And, she reveals in the fall issue of NEW YOU magazine that she’s super-excited about their future together.

“He’s my mirror. Things were always unbalanced in my previous relationships – I’ve either been a teacher or a student. With Donnie, we’re just equal. I have my own identity and goals and he has his, yet we’re so similar we work on them together,” Jenny explains to NEW YOU.

Jenny credits spending a year single as the reason she is able to love so deeply today, noting, “After my last relationship, I said I’ve been having the same movie with different actors. I’m going to stop for one year and reset. In this year, I’m going to learn about me, know that I can live by myself and know that I don’t need lover to have love in my life. After a year, I said, ‘OK. I’m ready when he comes.’ Donnie came through then. Until you learn to love yourself alone – and complete – you can’t have a fulfilling relationship.”

Another positive about Jenny is that she has a winner’s spirit. Despite all odds, she transformed herself from Playmate to a smart, well-respected personality.

“When I first moved out to LA and I was a Playmate, I’d be asked, ‘What do you want to do?’ I’d reply, ‘Comedy.’ They’d say, ‘Honey, that’s funny. A Playmate in comedy? That’s never going to happen.’ But then I was on ‘Singled Out.’ Later, I said I wanted to write a book and they said, ‘That’s hilarious. No one would pick up your book.’ Now, I have 10 books. I almost enjoy the challenge. You tell me I can’t do it? Guess what – I’m the rule-breaker,” declares Jenny.

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