How To Get The Perfect Faux Bob – Access Your Style (February 5,...

How To Get The Perfect Faux Bob – Access Your Style (February 5, 2014)

Style expert Louise Roe and TRESemmé lead hair stylist Jeannie Syfu show you how to get the hottest hair trend, the faux bob. Watch our get the look with TRESemme for everything you need to about the hottest hair on the runway this season. For more, visit

runway, that is style expert, and tressemme stylist, first they showed us how to get the hottest hair trends. Access your style brought to you by tressemme, it's the sponsor for Mercedes fashion week. I create all the looks and I will show you how to get a cool look. I can do it myself? You can do it yourself, it will look amazing. We will do a faux bob, it will help hold the style perfectly. I love a faux bob. Don't have to have the chop. I'm going to be using the thermal creation volume mousse. It protects the hair and gives amazing body. I'm using about an egg size. Work the mousse in the hair around the face and crown to provide a foundation and use a hair drier to create the texture and then use a curling iron to create a loose wave. The shortest layers in the faux bob will give it that fake short length. Then, section off the hair from ear to ear and pin up the top section. So through here, we will create a wave. Not just any braid, a three stand Dutch braid creates the perfect anchor for the faux bob. Braiding it takes practice, if you do not feel confident in the braiding pull the hair back in a pony tail and twist it in to a tight bun, that will act as an anchor as well. Release the top night, and with a comb, lightly piece the hair. I like to lock everything in with a 24 hour body finishing spray. We are going to take the length of the hair and roll it up and pin it into the braid. Once the back is rolled up, pin the two sides underneath the roll. Once we have this side tucked under, we are going to use a little bit of the antizz secret smoothing cream. Like a pea size? Pea size. After treating the ends, the style is complete. Are you ready? Yes. Let's do it. Oh, gosh, I love it. Straight ahead, from this, to this, the shocking