Is Uma Thurman A 'Super Ex-Girlfriend' In Real Life?

uma thurman super ex girlfriend junket uma thurman super ex girlfriend junket

She’s stunning. She’s good looking. She’s intelligent. Just call her SuperUma!

Access gives you the only actress able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and scare the heck out of no-good boyfriends everywhere at the same time ? Uma Thurman.

In one scene, Uma even throws a live shark at her ex!

?That’s bringing revenge fantasies to a whole new level for a girl to chuck a shark at a guy,?Uma laughed. ?Most girl characters aren’t expressing rage.?

In ?My Super Ex-Girlfriend,? Uma takes girl power to the extreme as a scorned superheroine out for revenge on her ex, played by Luke Wilson.

Besides the big bust-up, like all break-up comedies, there?s, of course, a love scene.

And Uma tells me that being a superpower in bed wasn?t easy.

?I always feel kinda embarrassed beforehand, and I go in, and I feel flushed,? Uma told us. “There was a great device for the close-up for the love scene. There was a little sled that yourocked on!”

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