Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke Share Dancing With The Stars Strategies &...

Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke Share Dancing With The Stars Strategies & The 'Burke Twerk'

Two-time mirrorball champion, Cheryl Burke, and Jack Osbourne chat with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live about their pairing on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 17. What advice did Jack’s sister and past contestant, Kelly, give him? Plus, Cheryl shows how to perform a proper “twerk.” “Dancing with the Stars” returns September 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

Since his sister Kelly took third place. I got back on the fifth I can't tell park we'll go for the mirror -- win the -- seventeen premieres September. Sixteenth welcome to you both Jack what is your sister have to say about that what advice did she give you. Advice I think it was probably just dive right -- like don't whole inning back -- his go frankly that the only way you are beginning Daniel and China and embrace the sparkles spandex embrace the sock. Jack has that. Why is he fitting way to an eighty have you learned how to connect up right underneath where the yeah sundown Jack I'm opting for this medium ones he went -- trying to. Yeah actually thought heels ha ha another feel like no -- sisters know Jack had a massive transformation I feel like it was a complete. Like a lead charger in her life I mean yes it is that it might be overly pro founders that. Now now I I I I think that's bad as saying that it definitely time things around the Kelly allotted kind of I think I was like how transition from being. You know a young woman to an adult. Thank Jack for you know what's in it for you what do you wanna get out of that. You know I think it's a really interesting kind of opportunity. My family's very supportive of me doing and I kind of think globally though as it is a really great. Resource they continue to raise awareness the most. Both process. How is the multiple sclerosis right now affecting you do you feel it in your dance rehearsals and -- the physical pain that comes within. Now luckily right now why I don't have any any sentence showing right now so fingers crossed that post and that way for law. Where all you always get great partners you're looking at right I don't mind. And what you need to do what is going to be his strengths what are going to be -- weaknesses. And you right now we've only rehearsed about by at times and so far I'm very impressed that by his progression. In what way am I wouldn't doubt dance. Is this -- -- no dance experience at all felt I had the -- young people are really an app and I invitations I think we're kind of like that underdog yeah competition. And they got a lot of people all the plaza had a little bit at dance background and I think people in any shocked when they see as dance after fox trot. Trying to tell me something of. Jack physically that surprised you like if you wanna tell me right now. Jack plus looking just there was very valid. Yeah it is splits -- Izzy Izzy limber I don't think that this is not Limbaugh. Let's kick it like I am and I can't really. Did you sell as Jack Jack come on. -- -- -- -- -- that I can't I see on contractually obligated to not say get anything yet is you know I just icon icon please and -- -- on I don't know that the better detailed -- I have Michael my one -- Sequence things. I can't do -- -- by the right order of yet but yet let say you're at a wedding couple years ago look what what's your break out go to Libya will this look might break out like last year and now I hit it unfortunately nobody wants bragging returning to be here. Half Jack I do I I got my deep ball is the eighties dogs. Who thought that it's not -- -- that. I was a little Carlton right there from the relax look. That was pretty hot -- you should do is for every idled. I'll make donations to do whatever charity for every its work you do on TV is toward the whole time really say that your friends and I went -- publicly humiliate my. You can donate to an -- tag thank you so bad patterns that you don't like he's out regularly but actually working it's working is now the exact general -- probably -- -- -- -- -- is not what Miley did on the hit now. Know what that is it gives a real work is done. It's isolating the -- and didn't do it isolating at the rare and from the -- fairly you know that I was back and forth. Isolating is what does the rebellious but general can you show us its work is there any chance -- -- to to show us now Robert worked as the -- -- -- show and tell. That's how I -- -- well options work on the -- on a lot was made it up later. Boom bow wow yeah wow Jack stay close to act I've -- guess I I've got to. I -- yeah they get a -- -- -- able to do and editing bay and Steve that's up and put the right music through it and have a. They -- just felt like -- Tonya and I now. Sheryl I'm not incorrect I am Sheryl the show was going to one. One night only know Tuesday results showed just everything done on Monday night will that make this show better do you think that affects. The shedding its better I think you get everything onto our as you get the elimination you get everyone dancing you get musical guests. An update opening number every single week that you've got everything packed until one night and into -- I think that's of people wanna stay. I'd like that and Jack -- we gonna see little Harlan the audience your daughter. I hope so and she's definitely going to be coming down trees she's with -- -- little mascot. Jackie got a lot of votes in pearl I would -- struck out there like an obvious generality of the shameless just hold my baby up every lap -- the -- won't vote for radical reform law that's. I don't see -- 1017. Did W Diaz says this -- instead VW EDS premieres Monday September 16 the date on ABC. I think I got up next Katie Couric in gate plus the first -- -- talent you know like a baby girl. -- -- -- -- --