James McAvoy On Kissing Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s “Wanted” co-star, James McAvoy, says kissing the mega-celeb is just another day at the office.

“It’s the only physical contact we have in the entire film other than when she beats me up — which she does a lot,” he told The London Times. “Just another day, and the same old s--t as usual.”

Though James is now a full-fledged action star, he says he’s been able to escape the type of attention his famous co-star and husband Brad Pitt have to endure.

“Even as mad as things got with ‘Last King Of Scotland’ and ‘Atonement’ with the award hype and all that s--t, my life’s never been like that,” James told the paper. “They’re two of the most beautiful people in the world. That’s a big thing; it’s not just about being well known for the films you make. I was told stories by her bodyguard of people running across freeways to take a picture of her! That’s never gonna happen with me.

“Unless I’m kissing Bill Clinton at the time,” James continued. “Which I don’t think I’m gonna do. I hope.”

And it’s not just his lack of tabloid attention that makes this star different from his fellow celebrities.

While plenty of A-listers are known for their lavish lifestyles, McAvoy prefers a more thrifty spending approach.

“I’m just quite tight,” He admits. “I play to stereotype: I’m tight as a Scotsman’s wallet.”
Catch James and Angelina in “Wanted” opening in theaters on June 27.

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