Jason Priestley Shares How He Wooed His Wife; Talks Miley Cyrus' Media...

Jason Priestley Shares How He Wooed His Wife; Talks Miley Cyrus' Media Excesses

Jason Priestley visits Access Hollywood Live to chat about the return of his series, “Call Me Fitz.” Plus, on the family front, are his kids ready for Halloween? And, if his daughter wanted to dress as Miley Cyrus, how would he feel? What does he think about Miley’s recent media blitz? “Call Me Fitz” premieres October 9 at 10 PM on DirecTV’s Audience Network.

juicey details jason. I don't want my fluff. I want it all. we are on ndseate and taking her to paris for the weekend. Oh, wow! U sl the deal. All right. Jason priestly told billy and I h he wooed his wife. In miami and back with us here in cal i. Took o tpari the second date? Jason show returns wednesday on direct tv and he's joining us live. My brother that was a good move. She didn't marry you paris on the second date. She did marry me after paris. Not only to paris we had dinner with my friend the count. The count. You are setting the bar very high fichlt chateau. You are setting the bar very high jason. I set the bar very hay and for her I have never attain the heights again. Notify seen the way you are with her. You definitely treat her well. You are a lover. Not one minute that the show and you are dropping the count name. I'm pretty bad like. That pretty I'm a pretty epice dropper. Who is the count. We can't say. His great grandfather that pole an first horseman. He's quite I don't know what else to say. Wait. Jason okay you hung out with billy and kit in miami. We just saw the clip. Tell me, be honest, which one of these 2 do the fastest. Billy not too fine a point. I had a strong run but I will say billy if he rode the dog pretty hard. Don't forget this. Fichlt priestly wife is most fun gal ever hit the planet. Naomi at one point I'll out her right now. Mooned the table. That's true. She did. Oh, yes. Mooned the table. She has a wonderful caboose right there. She is the greatest girl of all time. I was so happy you married a rock star. She's pab husband. Thank you. I'm glad I married her too. My wife is a lot of fun and she's she's not afraid to if take her clothes off in public when she has a little cocktail. And other times. I can't confirm or deny those allegations at this time. I think I need to plead the fifth rate now. Because I'm going to go home after this and she will be there to greet me and I do't nnt to have any physical violence bestowed upon me when I walk through the door. What is going on at home how are the kid. Kids are great. My daughter is 6 and my son is 4 and they are beautiful little children. I feel in very lucky to have them in my life. We have the halloweencoumeet. The costume are out. My daughter wants to be a zombie bunny. And my son physician going to be the sully from monster. Sullivan. That's my married name I love what if your daughter wanted to go as miley cyrus -- ty would -- oh, ya. I would be a little torn on that one. If she wanted too as hanna montana I wouure. But to go as miley cyrus that would be indicative of like -- if I a pblem. What do you think about that when youee siley? You had stardom young and able to rise. I was young. I was 21. I was about an adult. And I mean look you know what happens when you are young. When you are 20 and 21 years old you think I ou have it all figured out and you think you are an adult and you think man I'm old enough to drink and get drafted got this. But those of us who have the advantage of being a little bit older or a little more savvy. Wiser. A little bit wiser, we lack ck oban th days and think wow! I thought I had it figured out and didn't kw anything. Think she is nding conflict thing messages when it comes temale in our society about sexuality and the sex will get you on the cover ofgazi ner hosting snl. Do you understand why the of if pushing this. Yes do i. I completely understand. Also I understand she is pushing the envelope a little bit. In order to get column and that's what she is getting. How can she keep pushing. That's the question. Don't go anywhere we'll talk t 90210 memoir and more