Jennifer Grey Responds To 'Dancing' Judges' Harsh Criticism

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough on "Dancing with the Stars," Oct. 25, 2010 Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough on

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough tumbled to their lowest spot on the “Dancing with the Stars” leaderboard – fifth place overall – on Monday night, and the “Dirty Dancing” star told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson why it happened.

“What was going on was that I was having so much adrenaline from the dance and feeling so good and then I had like that teetering over that edge, like loosing my balance [thing happen],” Jennifer said. “So, that was the crushing disappointment.”

While Jennifer had a few missteps during her paso doble to Pink’s “So What,” she said the judges’ comments were the toughest part of the night.

“It was like adding insult to injury,” Jennifer said of remarks including Carrie Ann Inaba’s quip: “You’re like the chosen one and yet, something is going terribly wrong and you’re going down hill.”

“It’s was like it’s bad enough to lose your footing, but then to have someone tell you about what a terrible disappointment you are?” Jennifer said trailing off.

While Jennifer and Derek earned just 20 out of a possible 30 points for their paso doble – the second lowest first round score on Monday — Jennifer pointed out that the steps she and Derek showed off on the floor weren’t easy.

“I have to say, we have really hard choreography, we’re really going out there on a limb,” she said. “We’re being ambitious and we’re working hard and we’re putting it out there and for that I am proud.”

Carrie Ann contributed just 6 points to Jennifer and Derek’s total score. By contrast, she gave both Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin, two competitors who have landed toward the bottom of the leaderboard or close to elimination at various points throughout the competition, 8’s.

The judge later took to Twitter to attempt to justify her critique of Jennifer, who she told to “calm down a little bit,” and added “you’re way out of control,” hours later.

“I do have to judge everyone the same and part of what I judge on is based on their own abilities. Sometimes when someone is GREAT and … they make a smaller falter, it shows up more obviously than when someone is not great all around,” Carrie Ann Tweeted. “Jennifer Grey is a wonderful dancer… however, she danced about a 7 then she lifted her foot - all due to being a bit out of control. She’s a gorgeous dancer- just not her night.”

Backstage after the show, Jennifer told Shaun that she believes she’d get fair and good scores from the judges if she hit all the moves in the ballroom, but she suggested they went overboard with their comments on Monday (Judge Bruno Tonioli said of their paso doble: “You got the rage right, it was like a woman at the edge of a nervous breakdown.”)

“If I did a perfect dance they’d have to give me good scores and good comments, but it wasn’t perfect. So they have [a] picnic. You know, they are like ‘Whoooo!’ We get to like take her down! Take Baby down! Let’s take Baby down.’”

Jennifer continued to explain to Shaun that she’s got the inner strength to stomach the criticisms should they continue to come her way.

“I can take it… I say bring it! Bring it,” she laughed.

“Wait a minute,” Derek chimed in. “Don’t bring it… Please don’t bring it!”

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