Jenny McCarthy Loves That Boyfriend Jim Carrey Does Not Want Kids & Marriage

Don’t expect to see Jenny McCarthy sporting a new rock on her finger or a baby bump any time soon. The actress’ boyfriend, Jim Carrey, doesn’t want to walk down the aisle or have a baby together – and Jenny couldn’t be happier.

“It’s wacky-weird that not only does [Jim] not want to get married, which I love, but he also doesn’t want to have more kids, which I love,” Jenny told Cookie magazine’s September issue.

Jenny, who has a 7-year-old son, Evan, from a previous marriage, told the mag that creating time with Jim is the key to their success as a couple – and keeps her a sane and happy parent.

“Date night,” Jenny said when asked about the one thing she would never sacrifice. “Even if you’re like, ‘No one can handle my kid’ –bulls**t! You find someone.”

Jenny admitted to having a few moments when handling her son wasn’t the easiest.

“Watching Evan pee on a fake tree in a waiting room,” Jenny said when asked about a humbling moment as a parent.

And the actress said it’s normal to have moments when parenting becomes too much. She told the mag that thinking; “I can’t stand my kid right now,” happens to every parent.

“And anyone who says that isn’t true is not living in today’s world of busy moms,” she said.

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