Jessica Tuck Would 'Absolutely' Be Open To A Cameo On 'One Life To Live' Before Soap's End

Jessica Tuck as Nan Jessica Tuck as Nan

“True Blood” fans know Jessica Tuck as Nan Flanagan, the head of the American Vampire League, but before her turn as a blood-sucking politico on the HBO drama, she spent years on ABC’s “One Life To Live.” And, at last week’s Season 4 premiere in Los Angeles, the actress told Access Hollywood she’d be up for returning to her old Llanview stomping grounds as the daytime series heads toward a conclusion in January 2012.

“If they invited me, absolutely I would go back,” the actress, who played matriarch Vicky Davidson’s daughter Megan on “OLTL” said. “It’s very sad that [the show is ending in] I guess January… That’s coming up fast. It was such a great ride and I loved being there so if they wanted me to dip back in for a moment or two, I would definitely jump at the chance.”

While Jessica’s “OLTL” character actually died on the soap, she actually came back in a different form.

“They brought me back as a ghost, as a spirit, in dreams,” Jessica said of her last appearance on the exiting daytime soap. “I mean, when you’re doing a soap, you can pretty [much] create any opportunity to come back, I think.”

As for her current gig as Nan, Jessica said her politico character would be around this season on “True Blood” as the vampires try and placate nervous humans after Mississippi vampire king Russell Edgington chowed down on a news reporter live on air during Season 3.

“Nan’s life in a post-Russell Edgington world is hell,” the actress told Access. “It is hell because now I have to iron out all the things I made smooth before. I have to convince the human public that we are fabulous and that we are to be trusted, so I am busy. It makes Nan’s life really busy.”

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